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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jet and the Pickle

Chad and I were trying out a new eaterie, one of our fave pastimes, and I decided to offer Jet my pickle spear. Apparently, he LOVES dill pickles, because he sucked on it until we took it away 10 minutes later. It was a wonderful time.
Finally, some pics of Chad......handsome devils

That's the type of plane Chad learned to fly last spring.
Our dog, who i believe has never been formally introduced. He really deserves his own post though. We call him, Trigger Trouble Durfee and the other, Dakota DIVA Durfee. They like to hang out in Jet's room when he's eating. It's a party.
My art experiment. I call it, "Paint Fling."'s awesome, I know. jk


If I like it, it goes on the wall, or is displayed. If I don't, it goes bye bye. I don't care what it is. If it's a Trader's Joes grocery bag, (those are really cute btw) or sculpture made from my recycling. It's call, anti-design. AND I'M LOVING IT! Here are some random things above Jet's closet.

I sewed a new purse, because I wanted to use my schweet pins. I know it's juvenile, but I don't care.

Jess: Do you like the new purse I made? (modeling)

Chad: That's pretty nerdy

Jess: What? You really don't like it? Just be honest, I don't care.

Chad: pause. It's great.

Jess: Yeah....sure. Well, I think it's cute. I can't believe you don't. It's artsy.

Chad: More like fartsy.

Jess: ('s pretty dorky, but I still like it....and my buttons rock)

Chad: Does that button say, nerd alert?

Jess: Yes....isn't that so cool?

Chad: Yeah hun, that purse it REALLY nerdy.

I have a hard time taking his comments seriously when he tells me he can't cut is obscenely long fingernails because he's in warlock school. He told me all about it. I said only classical guitarists are allowed to have ugly long fingernails. But I know he thinks that jaguars and warlocks-in-training can have ugly long fingernails too, so he won't cut let, or let me cut them.

My makeshift window seat. My new favorite place. So, Trigger AKA Trouble chewed our I had to put in the spare room, to save whatever was left of it. Well....I turned into a window seat, something I've always wanted. I can't believe I never had one before. A sunny window and a good book are just made for eachother.

Here's Jet helping me clean up. He LOVES being in this stroller, so I take him with me tidy the house. We find a dirty towel, put in the the stroller to the hamper...put the towel in proper receptacle, then we find the next displaced item and run it's to its home.
More anti-design. Do you like my, experimentation on a peacock feather? It's my very first acrylic painting.
Those are my watercolor strawberries.....they're pretty much the best thing I've ever took me like 2 hours to get the shading right on the leaves......(name that movie)
Anti-design......oh look, what cool fruit.

Pics of Jet's room
Doggies digging a mondo hole in the back's really sandy the "dirt" is very diggable. These dogs make me laugh really hard at least once a day....but they can make me angry more than once a day....I'm not sure it balances out.
Last night, we had a cheese tasting....just mild cheeses....brie, fresh mozzarella, havarti, and camembert....with fresh basil, tomatoes, water crackers, and apple juice. We had planned on acting like snobs while doing this, but we enjoyed the food too much to think about acting "in character."

Chad's new clock. He likes how could he not get this clock? It's pretty much the coolest clock ever.


Matt and Christy said...

I enjoy seeing what you are up to these days. Your son is so sweet! I'm glad to see that your dogs are naughty, too. I currently have a love/hate relationship with our dogs. They are so sweet and I'm glad that we have them, but I swear- if they chew up another part of our house...


it's been a long time! sounds like you're doing well. jet is soo cute. adn you look so good too!- love you

Anonymous said...