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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So yeah....haven't posted in awhile.

This post actually happened a few months ago and I wrote a blog for it, but it didn't get posted cuz computer here it is. I need to post things in order so it all makes sense when I get the ol' bloggy printed into a book for memory's sake.

Original Title: We moved...and Chad’s crazy

We had to move last weekend because the house we were renting is being foreclosed on, on June 2nd, and the lametastic owner gave us a 30-day no cause notice, that expired May 5th. Are you kidding me? We’re good residents! I was so tempted to leave the place in shambles, and paint atrocious murals with my fingers and flick my boogers on all the lightswitches. But, we had a deposit to get back, so we have to play nice. But…we did have a few items that we needed to get rid of, so we buried them in the holes that the dogs dug in the backyard. Tehe, our little secret. Yes, we’re naughty, but I couldn’t help it. ::grin:: There were just a few items. It will be like a time capsule…we’re just doing our family history!

We moved into a trailer. When I first saw it, I tried to hide the worry and slight disgust from my face, (I’m a very animated person, so, I really doubt that my eyes didn’t bug out at first glance, but luckily, I was wearing sunglasses….PHEW!) because the owner was standing right there. But, I was wanting a cheap place cuz we were only going to be there a few months anyway.

It turned out, I LOVED the place. It had a log cabin feel, a back deck, secluded, the backyard went straight to the river, a big bay window. But, we couldn’t drink the water, even with a filter cuz it tasted like metal and turned everything orange….and orange is just out of style.

On move-in day, Chad went all “psychotic, LaPine redneck” on me.

He hung his camo shotgun up right above the couch, before I even got to the house. When I walk through the door….”OH MY GOSH. You are such a dorkwad. You had to put your shotgun on the wall?”

Chad: (Big guilty grin on his face) Well, I knew you probably wouldn’t let me do it if I asked. I thought it was just so, LaPine, that I just had to do it.

Jess: Okay, luckily, I think it’s really funny…in a sporting-a-mullet-for-a-few-weeks kind of way. Mullet footnote: (David Bowie’s mullet in Labyrinth is amazing, yes?….John Stamos’s on Full House? Thank goodness it only stayed for Season 1. Differing opinions?)

When it’s time to start unpacking, Chad puts everything on the back burner….so he can organize his tools!!!! Nevermind that we haven’t unpacked the food or the toilet paper, he just HAS TO situate his tools on his stupid pegboard, while I do the important things like take care of Jet, and try to unpack the stuff that we’re actually going to need within the next 24 hours. I mention this to him, but he says he will feel SOOO much better once this is done.

Once Chad is done, he plays show-and-tell. “Look hun, doesn’t it look great?”

Jess: Wow….it looks awesome! (thinking: yes, it looks schnazzy, but I would rather know where the tools called, fork, spoon, and knife are, as opposed to pliers and screwdrivers. Okay, at least now he can start helping with other stuff.)


Chad: Now I’m going to the store, and we’re going to grill steaks to celebrate our move-in.

Jess: Chad, we have other stuff to get done first and we already have leftovers for dinner, plus, it will take you forever to go to the store.

Chad: No, we have to celebrate.

Jess: Chad, you’re just trying to come up with an excuse to grill steaks. (Steaks do NOT thrill me. Steaks are guy food.)

Long story short, Chad goes to the store.

Exhausted from moving all day, we grill the steaks and make mashed potatoes and gravy. We sit down, and have a nice (manly) dinner. I’m finally able to relax, and I admit to him….”This is nice.” Chad says, “I knew it would be.” Having a good, sit-down meal together was SO relaxing. We crawl into bed, pooped, share some funny experiences from the day, as usual, and crash. Although he has some serious move-in priority problems, he always makes things interesting, and that’s one of my favorite things about him. Love you Chad, even though you have issues. Tehe.

Guns, tools, steak. Oi yoi yoi.



haha- yeah I wodnered where you have been?! Ok, so- you said you had to tell that story so you coudl update us on the rest of what's going on- what else is going on?!

Elise said...

That's to funny. Welcome to the LaPine community? I want to see pictures of your boy, I'm sure is growing up so much. Like Amy said, what else is going on?