Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Monday, September 27, 2010

Breaking the Silence

I don’t even know where to start.

At the end of June, our litle family moved into Chad’s parents’ garage. It’s not your typical garage, it’s really nice! It’s Hailey’s salon, and while she is on her mission, the Durfee’s graciously opened it up to us…and even our dogs.

You see, Chad’s job at LaPine High School got cut to part-time, and we couldn’t afford to stay there. Chad has been looking for employment ever since, and hasn’t had any luck. He almost got hired at a really good teaching job in Texas, but they told him they would hire him next year if there was an opening, and if he were still interested. There just isn’t anything out there. He has a great background too, so it’s really frustrating. 3 years banking experience, (tons of awards from it) fluent in Spanish, Bachelor’s in History and Spanish, Masters in Education, and 2 years teaching experience, and great references.

This has actually been out first “real” summer together. We have always both been working and/or going to school. So, it’s been really nice to have some time together. We have definitely grown closer as a family, and closer to our Heavenly Father. With this extra time, we’ve been able to establish firmer habits of scripture study, prayer, and FHE. Our priorities are better. We’re more united in our goals for our family. Our faith has been strengthened.

I know everything will work together for our good, as the scriptures say, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder how it’s all going to pan out. I have faith that He’ll bless us with employment, but, I know whatever happens is His will. Maybe it’s His will to make us wait a LONG TIME. But, I have to keep reminding myself that Heavenly Father knows what is best for us. We are doing all we can to find employment, and to be righteous.

Even without having an income, we are REALLY blessed. All our needs are met thanks to our family and our savings. We have been blessed spiritually too. But, it’s tough being in a holding pattern. We want to move forward with our life, but, it’s not in our hands.

So many things I used to think about, seem silly now. Not silly exactly, but, just less important. I have such a desire to become a better person, to serve others, and to learn the doctrines of the gospel through and through. For example, it doesn’t really matter what my bedroom looks like, as long as it’s clean. Who cares what I’m wearing, as long as I’m modest and presentable. Crafty projects are fun, but I’d rather find someone I can help. And movies? Are they getting worse, or were they always so lame? Ofcourse, there are some really good ones, but they are few and far between. I’d rather have my 2 hours, than watch a mediocre movie.

So, that’s where we’re at right now. Some days are great, and some days aren’t as great, but we are learning, and trying our best.


Danielle said...

Oh man- sounds like you guys have hit quite the rough patch! Hang in there!!! I know you guys will find something. You are such good people and it's clear you're trying so hard to accept Heavenly Father's will. That's wonderful.

Lanette said...

Yikes! What crazy time for you guys. It sounds like Chad is really REALLY qualified for the jobs--how frustrating. I'm so glad you have good families who are willing to help you out and savings and everything. Your faith through all of this is incredible, and I know the Lord will continue to watch out for you guys. You're such good examples to me!


Ohhhhhh my deary, you are going through what Mike adn I went through this last year. it was awful, it was hell, it was torture, and at times we shook our heads to teh sky asking "why?" and "when???????" You are learning wonderful tools that will help you for the rest of yoru life. AND it will pass, he WILL get a job. And it will be the best job for yoru family, adn when it all unfolds you will understand why it happened the way that it did. I can tell you all teh reasons why Mike and I hadt o go through what we did, and all the things we learned from it, and how different things would be had he gotten his origional "dream job" Mike is now in a WONDERFUl job that he LOVES with GREAT oppertunities for the future. Because we were poor, we got OHP and it paid for EVERYTHING medical. had Mike gotten his dream job, we would have had insurance, and we would have paid thousands and thousands of dollars, we probably would have been those kind of people that pay medical bills for the rest of our lives. My Chemo was half a million dollars. And that was JUST the chemo. So, life is hard for you right now, but when this time is over, and it will eventually end, you will understand and know why it all pannned out the way it did. I love you so much, and haev been wondering about you since you haven't been writing, and just keep telling yourself it can't last forever! It can't and it won't, it will end eventually. And you will be such a stronger and wiser person for it. Loev you so much, and so sorry to hear of all your troubles.

Elise said...

That's hard and I'm really sorry you are having a hard time finding a position. Tyson got cut with the budgets and the end of the school year to and after many job applications and interviews we were lucky enough to get one just down the road in another district and didn't have to move. Our short couple of months with a question of employment was hard I can't imagine what you are going through. Maybe we will have some spots in Idaho. I'll keep my eyes open.

Jenni said...

Wow Jess. I'm so sorry you guys have to go through this. But it seriously sounds like you have your priortities where they should be and the right attitude. I'm so glad you have such supportive family to be with you. Keep us posted:) Thoughts and prayers with you guys for sure!