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Friday, November 11, 2011

Nicole, I need your expertise

 My sister has a degree in interior design, and I really need her help.  I put this on the blog because it's the easiest way to share photos and info.  So, here's our house.  We moved in late last Spring, and it doesn't feel like our style yet, but we're very grateful and definitely enjoying it.

 So Nicole, we're just focusing on the living room now, so we don't overwhelm ourselves, but if you have ideas for the other rooms, let me know.  If not, no bigs.  We moved the piano to the spare room to make way for another chair, and because Chad thinks it looks cluttery.  I'm not sure.  It is nice to have the piano out of the front room, because that's where we watch tv.  If it stayed in the LR, I would paint it.
 Here is what things look like now.  Nice-ish....but SNOOZAROO!  It has no pizazz.  There is no fun going on.

Here are our ideas.  Chad really wants get new mid-gray to dark gray carpet, that's less shaggy, because this stuff has lots of stains, and Chad hates it now.  I'm hesitant about the dark gray.  There are stain-proof carpets, but I wonder how stain-proof they really are.  We want carpet, but something that can withstand the dogs and Jet. 

 We move the dog beds to the bedroom at night, and when guests come.

I really want to paint this wall (fireplace wall) charcoal gray.  I would LOVE to do chalkboard paint and draw cool frames and stuff in chalk, but then I have an idea for the other walls, and it would be too much.

We don't like the color of the tiles.  Dingy.  But there is nothing we can do about those.  Wish they were white.  Ol' well.

 Ottoman, ick.  We were thinking two small white leather or leatherish ottomans.  Again, we like low-maintenance fabrics, and we love to put our feet up.  Maybe I could recover this one.  Eeks.
 View from the front door.  Too traditional.  We need more fun.
 This "media center" is warped and chewed.  We want to get a credenza (st. vincent) and paint it a fun color (orange, peacock blue, something fun).  We're going to start using our smaller tv.

On these walls (the one with the tv, and the wall perpendicular to it)  I was thinking of doing large horizontal stripes, in a light gray.  But then I also like the idea of doing horizontal striped curtains, and that's just too over the top. 
We love this mirror.  We love distressed wood.

So, I invited you to my pinterest...but I don't know how it works.  I just want you to see my inspiration boards, so if you need my username and password, let me know.  I'm loving charcoal lately.  SO PRETTY.  I love the mustardy, muted light yellow that's going on right now.  I like black and white.  Anyway, it's just so much easier if you see my boards. 

If anyone else has any ideas, bring 'em on. 


choles said...

wooo! You have a lot of fun peices jay-bob! I'm looking forward to helping with this! Thanks for posting pics...My mind is already spinning with ideas! :-D Your Belated B-day gift is heading your way. Miss ya sugar plum!

Karen K. said...

Good luck! I am not the one to give you advice, that's for sure! I rarely watch Nate Berkus but I really liked this episode and maybe it will give you some fun ideas.

Good luck!

Karen K. said...

NEVER MIND! I just clicked on the link I gave you to make sure it was right and it wasn't! It was the same guy I watched on another episode but the one I watched had a lot of color and fabric in frames and such. Maybe you can find it. It was a video too--not just photographs.


How fun to have a house that you can paint and remodel and do things to!!!!!!!!! Your house is so cute! I love it! You are so funny- "boring- snooze" or whatever you said- haha. It is not boring! ha- BUT- when I think of you- I DO think of pizaz and COLOR, so I think if you do all the things you mentioned it will be TOTALLY you and you will LOVE IT. I LOVE your mirror!!!!!! SO COOL! I love the bead board in the dining room- LOVE BEAD BOARD. How fun, I wish I had a house! You're so luckY! thanks for sharing all the pics- I love looking at houses- so fun! love you! can't wait to see what you do with everything- but in the mean time, it still looks really nice! Now it just needs the "Jessica Pizaz" touch!


I got the chairs at good will for 7 bucks each! and then reupholstered them. I totally scored on those chairs, they are like the perfect shape. I love them. Thankyou for your compliments! you always make me feel so good about myself! love you!