Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Late update

 In June, Chad took some vacation time, and we went rock hunting in Central Oregon.  We found lots of thunder-eggs.  It was a new experience, and definitely unforgettable.  At first, we were clueless, and just started pounding away with our hammers.  Then Chad found the right spot, and boom, 8 at once.  We also took a lot that were already opened, and they ended up being my faves. 

 4th of July was great.  We had a lazy morning, then took the dogs out.  There was a guy there flying a remote control plane, and Jet loved it.

 We got to hang out at PK park.

 For Jet's birthday, we all went on a plane ride.  Chad is really close to getting his pilot's license, so he did the flying.  He hasn't flown for awhile so an awesome guy from our ward came with us and did the take-off and landing.  Jet loved it, but then got really bummed when we had to land.  I almost puked.  I was so happy when it was over.  lol. 
 We had to fly really low because it was overcast.  Connor and Colby were outside with Gma and Gpa.  They waved to us from the driveway and lit smokebombs. 
We had our first official "kid" party.  

We had some projects this summer in the yard.  Chad's parents replaced their deck, so we got pieces of their old deck, and put in our yard.  It conveniently covers this old pond that we'd been using as a compost  MUCH BETTER.  We love it.  
 Here are a few of my pinterest projects.  That's a cement leaf casting I did.  I made them for mother's day.  Below is a planter I made from a file cabinet. 
 We also put in a dog-run.  The dogs have access to 1/4 of the yard.  It's awesome.  Great investment.  Tons of TIME!  Ugg. 
Everything is going really well.  Chad started a new job, still in the field, but a different position and different company.  Holy Moly, what a blessing!  Everything about this job is better; the hours, the pay, the position, the atmosphere, the work itself, and more.  We're grateful for it EVERY DAY especially since he works 15-20 fewer hours a week.  Now, during the weekend, we don't have to choose between getting things done, or relaxing, or doing something fun.  We have enough time for it all.

The pregnancy is going well.  It's been so long that being pregnant just feels normal, as if I've been pregnant for A LONG TIME, and it's not going to change.  I've found the best way of coping with all the things that go along with pregnancy, is just to forget about them.  I don't dwell on how I waddle, or how I can only lie on my sides, or how my wedding ring doesn't fit, or blah blah blah, because then it just makes it worse.  I like to not even think that I'm pregnant until I happen upon my reflection and say, "Whoa....oh yeah, I'm pregnant."  Exercise has stopped, it just messes up my lower half too much right now.  When I stopped Zumba, my hips felt so much  A week ago I had contractions almost all day, and ended up in the hospital that evening.  They said the contractions were small, and to go home.  I haven't had any since.  SO WEIRD, but I'm so grateful.  Now I actually have time to get everything ready.

So, there are the basics.  Summer has been great, and we're just loving spending time together every day.  Chad is the best.  I love having him home more, and not just because he's there to help with Jet, or get things done, but because I just love spending time with him.  We're all just so happy and goofy.  I love being together.  



E and J said...

Cute cute cute! ;) I loved the last part! Your family is adorable!


good post! glad all is well!

lindsaymarchant said...

Loved this post! The pictures are awesome! I am SO SO glad Chad got this job. You guys deserve fun time together. Based on the pictures, you definitely have that now! Only a few more weeks and we get a girl in the fam. Yahoo!

Jenni said...

I LOVE that picture of Jet in the airplane! SO DANG CUTE! And I'm super impressed that you didn't puke in that plane while pregnant. Nice work. I TOTALLY felt that way while pregnant... like it was a permanent condition. Hang in there!