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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coast Trips

At the end of August, we were able to fit in two coast trips.  For the first one, Jet and I went with my Mom-in-law, Hailey and Kacy.  Jet was acting cranky in the car, and we and HE didn't realize it until the last while, that he was car sick.  Once we got out of the car at Florence, he puked.  Poor kid.  He inherited my queasiness.  After a half hour, he was back to being Jet again.  Phew!  At the restaurant for lunch, we all dared each other to do something dorky.  Mom's fake coughing attack definitely got everyone's  Hailey had to pretend the waitress brought her the wrong food.  Kacy enthusiastically said, "Yummy in my tummy!" when her food came.  I was supposed to burp REALLY loud, but all my burps were pretty quiet. Lame-o...Sawry.  I tried!

At the coast, Jet went crazy.  He didn't stop running because he was so excited.  Wow!  It was so fun to be with him...well, it is most of the time, but at the coast, he was just joyful the WHOLE time.  We laughed when we put our feet in the water, we ran back and forth, flew a kite, buried our feet in the sand, and frolicked.

Chad had to work, and after I told him how much Jet loved it, we went on his next day off with the dogs.     
Dogs are REALLY funny at the coast.  Dogs always get excited to go out and play, but at the coast, they are so crazy thrilled, they grin from ear to ear the whole time, and are so energetic that they collapse for the rest of the day when you leave, because they were having so much fun, they couldn't even stop themselves.  Pretty much the same state Jet was in.  I love witnessing their glee.  Trigger chased birds for the whole 2 hours.

Playing dead.
Apparently Chad used to take loose railroad spikes from the RR behind his grandparents' backyard as a kid, and it was this fond memory.  So, he thought Jet would love the same experience.  LOL.  Um....okay.  Well, if Dad thinks it's cool, it's cool.  

Aijah was born one week later.  I'm so glad we fit these trips in!

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