Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Thursday, July 11, 2013


 We have managed to fit in some adventures over the past few months.  First, Aijahlyn and me at the "park with the big hills."  After a 1/4 mile walk, there are some hills we always run down, over and over. 

 Here we are, mid-downhill.  Obviously, she loved it.  Normally, Jet comes too.  I can't remember why it was just Aijah, the dogs, and me.

 This was a great outing.  It was in the late Spring, on a day that felt like Summer.    We rocked that tire swing.  Aijah picked a lot of grass.  : )

 Bless you!

 Found an earlier pic of the kitchen.  NBA
Tried a new spot.  GREAT!  I posted a city map in Jet's room, and we are writing down where we have been.  So far, we have been to 5 new spots.  Very proud of us.  He's always been my adventure buddy, and now Aijah is too.

I have been wanting to hike Spencer's Butte for a long time.  I told Jet I would take him once my knee felt better.  Well, I mentioned it a little too soon one morning, and I committed to it before I really should have.  I wasn't sure he could do it (I hadn't been for years, so I didn't remember how hard it was or wasn't), and it was getting hot fast, and it's a big chunk of time.  Well, I told him I would, so we did.  He did awesome!'s REALLY rocky at the top with serious drop-offs, not the safest place.  Ooops, bad mommy.  We went slow at that part.  Honestly, we just had to concentrate on one step at a time, or it would have felt like it was too far and too overwhelming trying to keep us all safe.  But, we did it.  We felt like such studs at the top.  I'm still so proud of him.  Aijah fell asleep on the way down.  It was a bit brutal on the recouping knee, but it was worth it.  He has total bragging rights now.

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hey i'm making my blog private, i sent an invite to an email address that i have of yours, hopefully it is right?! I guess I'll just see if you accepted the invite, or- why don't you email me your address just to make sure it's really you! thanks!- and i'm loving the tv on the studs, we'd do the same thing! ha