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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Oh golly, it's been way too long.

Well, I have been blogging, but it's been on a secret blog.  haha.  I have started writing a health and fitness lifestyle blog.  I haven't found just the right title yet.  I wanted to just get started with writing, finding my niche, practicing, and seeing how much time it would take to post once a day.  Mercy me, I loveth it.  So excited to get it rollin'!  Yahoozle!  Such a passion there that ignites my happy!

I am going to be an INSANITY instructor.  CRAZAY!!!  The DVD series is just starting to offer classes at gyms across the US.  I have always wanted to teach group fitness, and when I heard Insanity was coming, I knew that was the class I wanted to teach.   I just took my certification this weekend.  Be prepared for sequinned headbands.  haha!  Oh, I would love to practice, and am going to try to organize some free classes.  Let me know if you are interested.  The class is meant for ALL fitness levels, I promise.  They designed it that way.  

The end of August was so awesome, it made the transition to fall a bit rough.  Where's the sun?  Ahhhhh.  What about my daily journal time sittin' on my lounger in the sunshine?  GONE!  BUT....I just replaced it with a warm blanket and tea on the couch.  Still awesome.  What about picnics?  GONE!  BUT....we eat at the kitchen island now.  And RAIN!  I was such a woose the first 2 weeks of rain, as if it was this AWFUL, painful, miserable stuff.  But, my Oregon roots finally pulled through and reminded me, rain is not a big deal.  

The kitchen.  Ha!  Still not done.  We put it off because we wanted to enjoy summer.  NO REGRETS.  Kitchen remodels can wait for rain.  Oh yes.  So, now we're getting back into work mode.

We are all great.  Working on uploading photos.  Got some goodies.

 I started a  nightly "bullet-point" journal, where I write the highlights of everyday.  Also, nightly, we all share our fave parts of the day.  I loves me some homey, comforting routines before bed.  Aaaaaaaah.  I look forward to it every night.  A cup of tea or cocoa never hurts either.  And, a new down comforter!  Sleep tight.

I have been doing "school" with Jet.  It's so engaging and fun.  I love bringing home huge bags of books from the library, and reading them in bed together.  'Course, hauling them to and from the library is a bit awkward.  Heeve ho!  Totally worth it though.

Aijah.  Aw, little dahlin'.  I call her my crazy angel.  She is SO SWEET, but into everything!  Into the cupboards, dog food, purses, toilets, lotion, and ON and ON!  She just loves wandering around the house, amusing herself.  Luckily, we finally got child locks on the cupboards.  She had developed a passion for emptying the recycle and scattering it.

Life is just good right now.  I am enjoying every day.  I best be spreadin' the love!     

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haha- when you said you were going to be an insanity instructor, i thought you meant literally- an instructor for insanity, like helping crazy people- hahah. And then I kept reading and caught on it's some exersize class- oh man- just had to share that with you- hahah good for you for doing that! that's amazing!!!