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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flip the Awesome Switch

I just turned 29, and I feel like I'm actually starting to kind of get the hang of life...haha.  I will probably laugh at that statement in 10 years, rolling my eyes.  I know. 

This past year, I have grown so much.  I am so much more active in my own life.  Sadly, I have always been fairly passive about my life.  It's as if I've been riding a river, going along with life, but never really paddling, or nevr trying to get off the river and go somewhere else.  Often, I would say, I want to do that, but not THAT bad.  I'm happy with little.  I am content with keeping things simple, so I wouldn't pursue anything that cost money, or would make me too busy, because I thought it was better to just be happy with what I had. 

All those things are good, but it's also important to challenge ourselves.  I have developed a passion for it.  It makes life better.  The path of least resistance is not very interesting.  I want to get after it!  I want to wring the life out of living!

It started with "Game On" (health/fitness/weight loss competition), a bit over a year ago.  It taught me to set goals and actually not forget about them....sad....but you know how it goes!  Over the past year, I have been setting so many goals, many little ones really.  There are so many things to learn, try, and pursue.  As the year has gone on, my goals have been getting bigger, and now I vigorously reach for them, instead of being intimidated by them.  Bring it!  Whu what?!  Let's use my energy up, and not be scared of filling the plate.  Fill 'er up, and TOP 'er OFF!  Let's live. 

For instance, I have always wanted to start a professional blog.  I have been working on it for the past 2 months, and a fire has been ignited.  The passion it brings to me weaves into other parts of my life.  I am more passionate about everything.  I want to create an awesome life for my family.  I want to teach my children all good things.  I want to bring light and happiness to others.  I want a deep relationship with Chad, full of unconditional love.  I want to enjoy every single night together, as a family, learning and laughing and loving. 

2 months ago, I also started going to the gym.  It has been so great for me, socially and emotionally.  I forgot how nice it is to be social!  I have comrades there....tehe.  We love fitness, and we don't think we're crazy for it.  : )  I keep it to an hour a day, and it's such a battery charger.  ZzzzzzztTTTTt!  Bring on the day! 

I feel like I'm in attack mode.  Rar!  Not, sit back and let's see what happens mode.  Who needs that anymore?  That's not for me, personally. 

It makes me feel a bit sad, that I'm 29, just learning these things about myself, and figuring out the way I want to live my life.  Grrr.  But, you know, that's still young baby.  And, I have so much ahead.  And, I'll probs be livin' 'til I'm flippin' 110, between the way my grandmas are doing (both 94) and my healthy lifestyle.

PS We'll be starting a new family blog soon, and "chadandjezca" will retire.  I want to work on the new blog WITH Jet.  'Twill be good bonding time.  And, I just want to document everything!!!  I love journaling.  If I'm lackin' mojo, give me a bit of journal time or a workout, and I'm back at it.  So, a-blogging we will go.  So excited.          


Danielle said...

29 is not too late at all, you have the majority of your life left! You are awesome with such a good energy. I want to see your professional blog! When do we get to see?

Happy Home said...

Jess, I was working on writing a talk about goals for church and went blog surfing when I got writers block. You are always a fun read so I checked out your blog and what was your most recent post? GOALS! It was meant to be. SO now I am going to add you to my talk, ha! A congregation in Georgia will hear about a young mom in Oregon who went after life and felt pretty good about it. Thank you for inspiring me!
Anna (Elkington) Heath