Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Going Private

Golly gosh, it's been too long.  Ai yai yai!

Well, have started a new family blog, but it's private.   It's at  JJAC is for, Jet, Jessica, Aijahlyn, and Chad.  I think I just need your email.  If you would like to read it, just let me know. I will delete the comment if you leave your email, if you're worried about leaving it somewhere : )

Basically, at the end of the day, we love to chillax in our mondo King bed, and talk about our favorite parts of the day.  I look forward to it every night.  But, I want to start recording that stuff.  It's the best!  AND, I gave Jet my old camera, so we can upload both of our pics.  It just sounds like the most lovely family routine.  THEN, at the end of the year, we want to take about 10-15 of our favorite pics from each month, and make a calendar for next year, so we can remember what we were doing last year, at that time.

Life is so precious, and unfortunately, if we don't document it, we forget too much of it.  I have missed so much already.  NO MORE, No nononononono.  It sounds fun to do and when I'm old, I'm going to cherish these documents so much.  Let the family blogging routine BEGIN!!!  So excited.  Yabol! 

The fam is doing great.  Loving life...most of the time : )  Working hard.  Playing hard.  Winding down at the end of our days.  Trying to start new routines, but it's tough.  Perhaps, we bit off more than we could chew in the resolutions department, but gosh, if we REALLY COULD DO all those goals, life would be so awesome.  Well, life is awesome, but it would be awesomer.  I really got to get on it!  I asked Chad yesterday, "Would you mind if I were more bossy about the routines we want to start?"  He said, "Uhhhh," with a disapproving face.  I said, "Well, not bossy, but just took charge more and said, WE ARE DOING THIS NOW!  NO EXCUSES"  Then he said, "Yeah, that would be good, but not bossy style."  Hopefully I can find the fine line.  haha.  

I am still working on my professional blog.  GETTING SO CLOSE!!!  It's going to be such a fun, motivating, happy place about pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  yay!  Being non-tech savvy has been quite the hurdle, and I've skinned my knees plenty of times now.  Poor little knees!  Ol' well, getting up braver every time!  Thank goodness I found some help!  Thanks to my bro-in-law!!!!

Alright, gotta make food now.  Mwa!


Danielle said...

I want to read your blog! daniellephillipp (at) gmail (dot) com. And I can't wait for your other blog to start! Or become available to my eyes anyway! Love ya!

Danielle said...

Also, I have a hard time not being bossy. Often times Clay says, "Don't tell me what to do!" haha...and I realize that yeah I'm being bossy...but if I'm like all sweet like about it (even though I'm doing or saying the same thing) he doesn't think I'm telling him what to do or being naggy or bossy. I don't know why its so hard for me to remember that. haha...but it is!

Blair and Leslie said...

I want to read!

choles said...

Thelma Birdie would love to stay posted. :-D

Karen K. said...
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Goss Family said...

Email is :)

lindsaymarchant said...


hahaha- I love the taking charge without being bossy. haha. OK- do you watch parenthood? We found Chad's twin! or... brother. Do you know what i'm talking about? it took us like 10 episodes and I'm like- I FIGURED IT OUT! CHAD DURPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't know how to spell your last name)anyway- my email is squantogirl(at)gmail(dot)com

cool new resolution! with the documenting the memories! and goodluck with your other blog!

Raani said...

yes please :)
xo, rosalind