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Friday, May 8, 2009

Leave work on a good note

Wow.....Friday has almost never felt so good. Aaaaaaaaah. Wonderful!

Just when I was about to close the office for the weekend, a resident came by. We had recently discussed a payment arrangement for his rent, and I had posted the mandatory 72-hour notice on his door this morning, attaching a post-it repeating the payment arrangement we agreed on. He came to the office with this big grin on his face, saying how grateful he was that I was working with him, and that I didn't have to leave a letter on his door, as if I were so nice to fill out this notice and tape it to his door. I'm's not a love letter's a 72 hour notice.....but if you want to be grateful that you got one, so be it. Fine with me. Talk about a first. Who says thank you when they get a notice telling them they have until X date to move, or we kick you out? Not to mention, he came all the way to the office to thank me, because apparently a mere phone call wouldn't suffice. I mean, ofcourse I'm an angel for not only working with him, but putting this generic form on his door. And that was all he had to say, and he left. This is the same guy who told me 6 months ago that he was being forced by the government to move to Malaysia because of piracy......LOL. And that was the end of work for the week. I'm so glad it ended on such a great note. Sometimes I love looneys. : )


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! That is Hilarious! You should tell that story to my dad. He would get a kick out of it!

Karen K. said...

"It's not a love letter, dude..." I love that! I have to deal with tenants too and I have certainly learned over the past couple years how to screen the applicants. I cringe when our 'good' tenants leave. Right now we have ALL good tenants (well, they pay their rent on time and don't cause problems like the one family we had that was part of a huge drug ring in Cal/Ore and the US Marshall's office and other organizations came battering their door down...) Property Management is the BEST!

Lanette said...

Haha! :) How the nicest way of course. I remember when I worked for BYU Registration we'd have angry parents calling all the time, demanding to know why their son couldn't register sooner, because "he's an AP on the mission right now and he has earned an earlier date then all those other RMs who aren't APs" or their daughter was the valedictorian in high school, and why was she registering with the other freshmen when she was so smart? I'm glad you got a nice person to kick off your weekend :)