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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Haggard Life

Over the past nauseous few months, I've actually become pretty comfortable doing errands looking like a haggard wreck.  The trick is, don't make eye contact often, and focus on your child, so just in case you run into someone you know, you're completely oblivious and don't even have the chance to feel like you're the gal who has "let go," and feel the pity in their eyes. 

So, now that I've been feeling better, it's been nice to have my hair in something other than a bun or braid, and do my make-up,  and just plain revel in my femininity again.  Hurrah, I AM a girl!  I CAN feel attractive.  It's AMAZING!

Well, today I wore my deep purple cardigan, and had my hair in a perky curly ponytail so I could run my errands; very cute mom-on-the-go look.  I'm feelin' good, and Jet is being good.   Even in the relentless rain we're having a good time.

I get home, put the groceries away, and head to the ladies room.  Then I get a look at myself.  My straggly-looking bangs are randomly plastered to my forehead, mt. everest (snow-capped and all) ZIT has emerged above my eyebrow, (the revolting kind whose bulbous white tip causes dry heaves) and the lovely elastic waistband on my maternity jeans is completely exposed because of my rumpled-up sweater.  Deep breath.  Wow Jess, that's what you call a hot mess.   

All I can say least I felt cute.  



PAHAHHAHAHA. Don't you love that? I have come home from church multiple times with mascara smeared on my eyelids- like if they get too sweaty or moist it smears, and I turn to mike and say- "WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL ME?" "I don't know, I thought you knew!" Oh brother

Danielle said...

haha- oh man. I'm sure your confidence made up for the "mt everest" :) Love it.