Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Thursday, May 10, 2012


 Well, the big news around here....

IT's A GIRL!!!!  Hurrah!  So excited!  I really thought it was a girl the whole time, just because the pregnancy was so different.  The nausea was worse, the mood swings were worse, I got this weird rash on my face (nothing too freakish), and different cravings.  I have never loved steak so much.  Steak?  Me?  Yep, it's perty amazebalss.  When Chad and I went to Outback I was so loud with my MMMmmmmmms.  I didn't stop the whole dinner.  Here's the just of the conversation, "MMmmmmmmms, man, this is SOOOO good.....MMMMMMmmmmm.....steak is amazing, I'm such an idiot for not ordering steak at steakhouses.  You must think all girls are so stupid when they order chicken at a steakhouse!  Oh man, this is delicious!  It's cooked perfectly.  Steak steak steak!  RAR!!!!"  That's how it went down.  LOl.  Now, I'm feeling way more normal.  Well, besides the belly.  I need to get pics!  You're gonna be so surprised when you see it for the first time at 6 months pregnant.   Whoops.

Anyway, life is great lately.  I'll do more little updates later.  Jet is the biggest sweetheart.  Love that little boy.  He's the best.  Now that the weather has been behaving, we've been able to go on some decent adventures again.  Adventures in the winter are just never as good, I mean, one night we went to the mall to ride all the escalators.  Gee whiz, SOOO thrilling!  Well, Jet loved it.  I was just trying to kill time when Chad had to stay until 9:00 at work.

With the rhodies at their peak, it was time for Hendricks Park!  We got some spendy goodies at Market of Choice, had a picnic, and went exploring....jumping, running, throwing rocks, climbing, smelling flowers, and other lovely things.

Here we come!       

 Jet got a mo-hawk!  It was 100% Chad's idea, and I was really skeptical, thinking he'd look like a little white-trash, punk child when really he's so sweet....but I just let him do it anyway.  It wasn't that big of a deal.  He locked me out of the bathroom, and i couldn't look until it was done.  Well, it turns out, I think it's really fun and cute, and unless we put him in a wife-beater (which will NEVER happen), I think he's very far from whitetrashiness.   

Running down the hill, and ofcourse I joined in!  I only wish I could have rolled down.  : )


lindsaymarchant said...

Love it! You are a fun mommy, and his Mohawk really is cute!

Lanette said...

YAY! Congrats on your baby girl!! So fun! I eat steak about like you described all the time and not pregnant, lol =) And the mohawk is adorable. He sports it well ;)

Jenni said...

GIRL GIRL GIRL GIRLLLLLLLLL! yayyyy! Congrats! What a perfect little family! I LOVE IT! And I am obsessed with Jet's mohawk. He is SOOOO cute!