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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Biking Ridgeline

I finally, FINALLY mountain biked Ridgeline Trail.  I have wanted to since high school.  It got put on the back burner, and I never planned it, and I was super silly for not pursuing something that was totally doable.  Ol' well, better late than never.   I have been interested in mountain biking since middle school.  I would ride my garage-saled bike from the 60s through the orchard and river paths behind my house.  I thought it was so thrilling, and I felt so cool doing it, metal clinking and all.  lol.  In high school, I got a local bike map, and learned the only official mountain biking trail in Eugene was on the back side of Spencer's Butte.  I was so excited to go someday.  Long story short, this was my first time at the end of September.     
The map said the trail was easy.  Chad mocked me when I put on my helmet, as if I were the dorkiest wannabe ever.  "Whatever!"  I said. "I have 2 babies to live for, darnit!  I don't know about this trail.  I don't really know what I'm doing!"  Well, thank goodness I wore that helmet, because, that trail was not easy, not to me.  It was 2-3 feet wide, with big drop-offs on the side, some crazy switchbacks, and plenty of hills.  Easy?  Huh?  At least, intermediate, c'mon.

So basically, I was in this totally freaked-out state of mind for the first half.  I was basically just trying not to fall.  It reminded me of my first time skiing, and I went down a trail way too difficult for me.  I had just enough control, screaming (literally, and speed-wise) down the hill, to not injure myself, right on the borderline of disaster.  Except the difference was that, if I fell, I would get REALLY hurt instead of just landing in snow.  Big whoop if you fall in snow!  Tumbling down a rocky, forested hill?  No thanks!

After halfway, hills got to be more fun, and less freaky.  My eyes actually wouldn't bug out before I saw them coming.  The scenery was beautiful.  When I was done, I was really proud of myself.  It was fun, and now I know what to expect.  But, more mountain biking with have to wait until better weather, and apparently I need to practice on some baby trails.             

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Danielle said...

That's so pretty and sounds so fun!!! You look awesome!