Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Miss Aijahlyn is our little sweetheart and snugglebug.  She loves to face out, so I don't see her face as much as I  She can stay in her chair for LONG periods of time, making it very convenient to get things done, but then ofcourse I feel guilty for leaving her "alone" so long.  But, alas, the house doesn't clean itself, nor the clothes, nor the dishes, and ya know.  Her hair has always reminded me of baby bird feathers, it's so soft, and every day I rub my cheek against it.  Hmmmm.  And like all babies, her cheeks are ridiculously perfect for kissing  : )  She can be quite the conversationalist with a wide range of coos, or she's completely silent.  On or off.  She always smiles back at you, as long as she's not tired.  I'm always wondering what her personality is going to be like....and so far, she seems just as happy and mellow as Jet, with a touch of feist.  Lucky us.  We love you Aijah.

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cute pics and fun post. glad she's a good baby for you!