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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Soaking it up!

I am feeling very self-indulgent right now, and I should be cleanin the house and blah blah blah, but honestly, I'd much rather sprawl on my lounger chair, in my swimsuit, soaking up the early evening sun and have a little blog.  The house can wait.

Summer comes but once a year, and its laidback vibes have soaked through me.  Ya know what?  I will work on the house and have it all good and lovely when the weather turns sour and I'm stuck inside, but for now, this sun is getting enjoyed.  I follow a blog and the author is currently on "holiday" (she's British) in Spain, and I'm just pretending that I am too.  What is all that pressing anyway?  So the kitchen isn't we lost steam....whoopitteedoo dah!  I'd rather be outside anyway.

I am LOVING summer.  Oh me oh my!  We've had a few overcast days and it totally woke me from my unappreciative slumber.  JESSICA, enjoy the summer before it's gone!  We been swimming in the pool, I've been reading and writing every day on my lounger, we take picnics galore, we go on bike rides, we eat popsicles.  We've picked tons of blackberries and raspberries.  I have been running more, and say a prayer of gratitude every day that my knee is so much better!  Every run this week has come with a post-run high that could not be recreated any other way.  You would think that I had just won the lottery I am so happy.  I come home, turn on some pandora, dance with Aijah, stretch rather loudly with relaxing sounds.....nothin' like a good stretch when you're sore.....aaaaaaaawwwwhhhhhh.  After a shower, we all hang out in the bed, and catch Aijah before she plummets. 

Yep, I've been living the last few weeks of August like it's vacation.  Bliss I tell you.  Sure, the floor needs a good mop....yeeps, but hey, I'm caught up on the laundry.  There are clean sheets on the bed.  Mis peeps are gettin' fed.  It's all good.  Uh....the toilet is broken and we have to use a bbq tool to flush it, but ol' well.  We have two toilets and what's an extra 5 seconds to go to the other toilet or use the tool for a flush?  Bah hahaha!

I think the kitchen remodel was just so overkill, that we are in recoup mode, and don't give a rip about the house right now.  Chad doesn't want to invite family for Aijah's bday because the kitchen is in the exact same state of undone-ness as it was on jet's bday a month ago.  I say, who cares?  I wanna partay!  They don't care....golly gee.

Sometimes i feel a little guilty for being so vacation-y, but then I remember that it's ok.  It's my life.  I work hard all the time.  It's crazy for me to remember that I used to have 2 1/2 months of summer every YEAR!  That hasn't happened since I was 17.  I haven't had a 2 week break since then.  My friends would come home from college, and have Christmas off or summer break and not work.  I've had some great 5-6 days off on a row, but that's all.  I've gone 1 day without my kid/kids for 2 times.  Is it so wrong to put things on the back burner for awhile and use that free time to be outside?  No, it' RIGHT!  It's kinda shameful not to, if there is an option.

Some mornings have been chalk full of outings....and I love them.  It's like the "real day" of getting things done doesn't start until afternoon.  I workout first, then take the dogs, then go on an adventure with the kids, then go on a picnic, and whudya know, so much fun and it's only 1pm. 'Course, there is a lot of stuff in between, like feeding people, clothing people, diapering, picking-up, washing etc but it's fun too.  Then I'll try to maintain some order in the house while the kids play, then we'll have a snack, read books, the kids take a long nap, I take a short one and keep some time to write in my journal and read blogs and work in the garden or cook stuff from the garden that only I eat.  Summer...don't end.

Today, we hung out in our kiddie pool.  Aijah picked me a flower.  When Jet saw it, he went and picked a whole bushel of flowers for  He gets a bit jealous and competitive sometimes with her, but in a sweet way.  I try not to get annoyed when he tries to be louder than she is.  Why do I get annoyed so easy?  I act like I have all these things to do, but really it's just some housework and paperwork to keep up with.  It's not as if there are many urgent things in my life right now, yet I still feel like that, and I think it makes me more impatient with my family.  How silly!  Sometimes, I see all the little messes around and I get tunnel vision and think, I gotta do this and this and this and when am I ever have time to get to that etc...but gosh, what's really pressing and fleeting are my children growing up....just like how summer is only here for a short time.  They completely correlate, and I'm realizing that I let my petty to-do list get in the way too much of enjoying my children.  I need to soak them up!!!  Like the sun!!! 

Writing and journaling has always helped me figure myself out.  I love it. 

PS, I love blogs because I have found a few people (strangers really) that I just LOVE.  They inspire me and lift me up and I'm addicted to "hearing" from them.  It's like they are friends....BUT....uh.....they don't know me.  lol.  anyone else have this goin' on?


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Valerie said...

Hi! My name is Valerie, and I guess you could consider me a blog "stalker" of yours. I found your blog through a link on Lindsay's page (we went to school together a looooong time ago). Just thought I should let you know that your blog is one of my favs, and you totally inspire and lift me up! I love your updates, and just how happy you are! I'm also a stay-at-home mom, and get lots of ideas and inspiration for just enjoying my kids from you!

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your experiences with the blogsphere! Looking forward to "hearing" from you again soon. :-)