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Monday, September 17, 2007

Learning Spanish the UGLY WAY

So...I am going to learn Spanish.  I already took 2 years of Spanish classes at U of O, so I have a great foundation.  Chad went to Argentina on his mission, so he's already an expert, but I think it would be so awesome if we could speak it together.  We can have some conversations now, but I need to get better.  I always feel bad for missionaries who put so much effort into learning a language, and when they get home, they have no place to use their skills.  How frustrating would that be?  You know this great language, but you can rarely ever use it, and slowly it slips away from your memory.  Puedo hablar espanol, pero es necesario que aprendo mas. that I'm done with school for awhile, and my brain has had enough time to veg out, I'm back to learning.  I was so sick of reading and writing stupid junk for school, that I hadn't picked up a book for months....I didn't even read Harry Potter, and that's fun reading.  Now that I've had some time away from school, I'm ready to start exercising my brain again.  SO......I made the DORKIEST chart to help me learn body parts in Spanish.  When I was taking Spanish classes, I always wanted to make fun charts and flashcards, but I never had time.  So here she is....the ugliest lady to help me learn Los partes del cuerpo.

There is a reason she looks like a total hoochie.  So...I drew her first w/ only a skirt.  It had to be short so you could see her thighs...cuz I had to label them.  Then Chad said, she looks so manly!  She has the manliest to counterbalance that, I gave her huge bazoombas, so she would look like a girl, and then she needed a belly shirt so I could label her bellybutton.  Chad says her te-te's help distract from her stumpy man legs.  Anyway....I only drew her to help me learn...sorry she's skanky.


Danielle and Clayton said...

Ha, you're so funny. I think that will definitely help you learn better though! It is so much easier to learn with fun pictures or really ANY way besides a textbook. Good luck!

Amy: said...

hahah that is funny. It reminds me of the body we drew- and then put a thong on it or something and lotion? Did you do that for me? or I for you? or we for someone else? hahahh I'm in my 2nd year of spanish- i hate it. that's amazing you have the ambition to continue learning espanol.