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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pink Martini

It's been a good weekend.  I got to hang out with my sisters in Portland.  It was great to catch up, and spend time with each other.  We all have similar senses of humor, so it's always a great time.

Nicole came back to Eugene with me, and we went with Chad to the Pink Martini concert.  AMAZING!  Holy moses, I was blown away.  They are probably my favorite group ever.  All the musicians were so skilled and talented.  They have over 12 musicians.  They sing songs in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Portugese, and I'm sure more.  They have a trumpet player, pianist, violinists, harpist, trombonist, vocalist, bass player, guitarist, and percussionists.  I know this sounds dorky, but they are far from it.  They write their own songs, and perform songs from old movies and records.  Each song has a unique sound that ranges from Mexican mariachi, to french cabaret, to geisha-like asian, and all with great lyrics.  I turn on their music, and I just have to start dancing.  It's also fun to listen to the Spanish songs, cuz I'm learning Spanish.  And, as bad as it sounds, Spanish is a better language for poetry and lyrics, it's just smoother and more melodic than English.  Anyway, I can't explain them, just look them up on itunes, or limewire or something, they're better than any current pop singers.
Chad wasn't even sure if he really wanted to go to the concert, but once they started, he was completely won over.      

This guy was at the concert.  We couldn't help but laugh cuz his hair looks like Top Ramen, he is just so  Chad was pretending to take a pic of Nicole and I, when he was really photographing this interesting character...moohaha.

Here we are, off to the concert.  No, I'm not having a baby, the dress just looks funny cuz the seeming and how I'm standing.  Unfortunately, we didn't take any other pics.  But, that's my sista, isn't she adorable?


Chad and Jessica said...

Oh gosh, I just realized that someone might know that guy, or be related to him. His hair was actually really nice, but surprising. Chad took the picture! I'm innocent!

Karen K. said...

Yeah Jessica, that guy was my favorite teacher in High-school. I can't believe you! Just kiddin.. Anyway- did you get your hair-cut? I love the layers and especially the bangs. You guys look great! Chads face looks too perfect, like he's wearing make-up! Is he!? I know he used to (so Lindsay said...)

Amy: said...

First of all- there's no way you could possibly look pregnant, you are so thin. Second, I didn't even look at your stomach until you mentioned it. That is really funny about the guy with ramen noodles hair. You're totally right, and I love that Chad pretended to take a picture so he could take one of the guy- hahahah. That's neat you got to hang out with your sisters. You're so lucky they live so close- I didn't know that. So is that everyone? your 3 sisters, you and blair? am i forgetting anyone? That's cool you got to go to the concert. It sounds like you have been to alot of concerts. Sarah knerr (peterson) and I were talking today- and we both love your long beautiful hair. So I just started the intro to eng class- talk about boring and not what I thought it was going to be like. It's like studying the history of english, I thought we were going to be learning intense grammar etc. Uhhhhh. Do you still have your books? Do you want to keep them? if so, i can return them when the year is over- or I can buy them from you....let me know soon- and i can come over and get them or something.

Chad and Jessica said...

Okay, so a few responses to the comments. I just wanted to clear up, that Chad doesn't wear make-up....ever....he occasionally put on a little dab in high school to hide a random pimple. He's a manly man, and would feel too "homo" wearing make-up. He wanted to ensure everyone knew that. Also, Amy, you can definitely use my books, but I do want to keep them. Maybe some of my margin notes will help you. They never teach you's weird, only journalism majors have to take grammar classes.

Sarah Peterson said...

well then Chad, your skin looks AMAZING! Way to be... By the way- I only meant makeup to cover a blemish, that's all. I know you would never wear it full out- oh wait... I do remember... hehe j/k

Amy: said...

I'm so glad you're blogging! OK- so- I have Anne Layask for intro to eng. I have Clark for novel, and Ares for spanish. I have to look up the names of old teachers- I can't remember names- I'm really curious though wich ones we've both had. I'm going to call you thursday before or after school.

Emily said...

Um...that's my uncle.

Just kidding! I wish! Sounds like good times at the concert and oh my gosh I haven't seen your sisters in FOREVER! You girls are all so cute!