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Monday, September 17, 2007

Pizza and stilettos!

I just got the cutest shoes!  I like metallic shoes because they can go with so many things.  But I have a problem with the shoes on the market.  There are either flat shoes, or really HIGH inbetweens besides foam flip flops...which feel clunky.  So, I don't like flats, cuz I feel stumpy in them, and I don't like HIGH HIGH heels cuz I like moving around a lot and they're just not convenient on a daily basis unless you're sitting down a lot, which I'm not.  So, I've had these gold shoes for 2 years, and I loved them because they had a heel that wasn't TOO high, I could wear them on a daily basis cuz they were still comfy....but about after 6 months....they started looking gross....but I couldn't find anything to replace them they just got uglier and uglier.  I even tried spray painting them to make them look new...that lasted a week.  So...finally a breaking point came.  I had made a cheesecake for a friend, and while I was delivering it, my worn out/crooked/completely uneven heel catches a little edge and I fall onto the ground, and the cheesecake smashes tasty side first.  I was so mad/sad!  So....that was the last straw and I got new shoes.  I got metallic flats for daytime (I'll get used to them....they were super cheap cuz it's the end of summer) and then I got my silver, oh-la-la shoes.  To die for!  But I'll only wear them after work, cuz I don't want the looking like my old ones any time soon. 

Since we've been married, Chad and I have gone through some weird eating stages.  First, neither of us could cook very well, but we knew how to make what we liked.  I cooked healthy food with LITTLE flavor, and Chad...typical guy food....burgers, eggs, and plenty of unhealthy stuff.  Naturally, I started doing the cooking and this meant that Chad got to start eating my stir fry and rice.  At the time I thought it was good, cuz I was used to it, but looking was gross!  I did not know how to add was basically a lot of cabbage, green pepper, and onion cut, cooked in a frying pan with PAM, and spinkled with random spices or sauces.  Ofcourse he was nice and grateful, and always thanked me for cooking.  Then I got really friendly with the cookbook and starting trying new things.  It's really hard finding good recipes that are healthy, that don't taste like what some people would call, diet food.  I thought I was doing great, and I was so proud of myself, but again, looking back, the food still wasn't that good and I was always trying to talk Chad out of getting fast food. forward, and now i have found a wonderful compromise.  Healthy pizza.  I know you are probably rolling your eyes about how obvious this must have been, but I'm excited cuz it's cheap, tasty, easy, and healthy.....yah-hee!  So....the dough I got for .60, I roll it out, put some tomato sauce on and add my ingredients.  By making our own pizza, we can fore-go tons of cheese and fat, we can add tons of veggies, and chicken breast.  I like to make it somewhat Mediterranean and put spinach, tomato, red pepper, feta, chicken, and parmesan (if artichoke hearts were cheap I would add those too).  This is also a good recipe for the future cuz the wee-ones can help sprinkle the ingredients on the pizza.'s kinda silly, but I had to share my discovery.


Amy: said...

I love your silver shoes, they are so pretty. That is really funny about your heels that you've worn for 2 years. Do you remember the stiletos I wore in highschool- it looked like the straps had buttons on them? They were bronze colored? Anyway- I wore those alot in highschool- and since then- everysingle day with everysingle outfit for 2 years! Then at work one day- the stiletos finally broke, I was so sad- because obviously- I loved them so much. They were perfect- they looked like they would take talent to walk in- but they were so easy to walk in- and went with everything. I loved them so much. I still think about them sometimes- that is so funny about your shoes! Ok number 2- that is really funny about dinner- because we're the same way- we fix lame dinners- and have had teh same thing a milion times. Jut today I was talking to Danielle, "what do you guys make for dinner? we're running out of ideas..." That's cool about the pizza. The other day I had french bread pizza- it was so good- I had forgotten all about frenchbread pizza! anyway- i wanted to talk to you too at conference- and mike was the same- he wanted to leave right away. MEN! Conference was so wonderful- and I felt the same way- I thought "why can't i keep this feeling all the time?" I feel like the lewis's feel that way all the time.

Danielle and Clayton said...

I love the shoes. That's cool your hubby loves all that healthy stuff. My husband despises tomatoes and any really healthy vegetable. He likes...carrots, potatoes... and some others. But he definitely couldn't handle that delicious looking pizza.

Emily said...

Those shoes are totally cute! Good for you for taking the plunge and getting some new ones!

And that pizza sounds good! My husband loves pizza...I wonder if he loves healthier pizza...I should try.
And I LOVE your body drawing, she's not skanky at all, just proud of her curves. I admire you for wanting to learn spanish for that reason. It's for all the girls who are sick of hearing their return missionary husbands/boyfriends speak spanish around them and about them, while they have no clue what is being said. I HATE THAT!

*Stephanie Mitchell* said...

Ok so first of all i couldn't help but feel so sad for you when you fell and broke your shoes but at the same time giggle a little bit! I LOVE your new shoes! At school we can only wear black clothes with Silver and Gold Accessories so i have really been into that kind of stuff so WAY SUPER CUTE!!!!!

OH-And i don't have a husband to like or dislike your pizza!!! hahahaha But i'm sure i would love it! it looks DELISH!!