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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shake your thang!

I haven't blogged in awhile cuz I don't have any new pics, but it's been too long. So, there may be no pics, but I've compensated with silliness. Warning: If you consider yourself a serious person, who only takes delight in serious endeavors, this may be too frivolous for your taste.

So, I've started working out again, and I'm loving it. It's the best way to escape anything bad that is going just hop on the treadmill, listen to some tunes, and run away from all the crud in the world for a while. Then, after busting your buns, you sit down for a nice stretch and chill with some mellow music. Lovely. Okay, it's not all bliss, it's challenging, and sometimes the stupid clock on the machine goes so slow...but it is always worth it in the end. I think about the STUPIDEST things when I'm working out. For instance, I'll imagine I'm in a race against someone I would just love to beat, and my family is on the sidelines cheering me on....and ofcourse I win. Ha ha. I don't care though, cuz it's just my time-out/time-away from life. Plus, I get to wear shorts and pretend it's summer....sweet!

Can I just say, I love dancing around the house? Turn on some Elvis, Pink Martini or the Hairspray soundtrack, and I'll work up a sweat in no time. I never do this in front of Chad though...but he's has caught me a few times. Sorry, I just love being ridiculous sometimes. Plus, let's face it, shaking your booty can't help but make you smile. I think I should work-up a line of aerobics tapes.

Well, everyone has inspired me to start decorating the house for fall. I got this pumpkin spice lotion at Target for $1.00, it's delightful. It's not very potent, but gives a subtle sweetness. Although I wish it were still summer, I'm going to try and enjoy the fall. Maybe I'll watch You've Got Mail, that always gets me excited for autumn. "Don't you just love New York in the fall?"


Karen K. said...

The clock on my treadmill is VERY slow too!!! I'll have to try the someone 'cheering me on' tactic. I've never even thought about winning a race...hadn't even contemplated entering one! Now, to figure out who I'd like to beat...

(Great blog by the way)

Danielle and Clayton said...

You're so funny. I do the same thing around the house. I also never do it infront of Clay. Good job working out- I was doing awesome last week, this week-not so much. I DO however, agree with the clock statement. I can never seem to stop looking at it. I always do these tricks like, I can't look down until the song is done, or something like that. ha, anyway, fun blog even if there aren't pictures!!!

Jenni.Jolley said...

ok I lOVE all of your pictures, you and Chad look so happy and so great! and girl- just be grateful you get a fall, we're heading strait into winter here in the Burg :)

more power to ya for working out girl!!! we can all motivate each other!

Amy: said...

wow- good for you for working out. You have alot of motivation. I'm glad you're going to decorate- that always gets me excited about the change of seasons. Also- drinking hot chocolate tastes better in the fall!

Emily said...

Do I need to send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils? I LOVE that movie!

This was a good post because everyone can relate...I know I can, I LOVE dancing around the house. Never when Steve is home of course. Dance parties are the best. And I'm totally with you on the running thing''s fun to pretend that we're totally going to win this race and everyone is cheering for us. I love it!