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Monday, October 15, 2007

Ultimate relaxation

So, I thought I would continue the trend with a little blog about reading.  When I can, I like to make reading a luxurious experience, and let me tell makes me love autumn even more.'re off work, the house is decently clean, dinner is done, the tv is off...and a charming book waits for you....beckoning.  I say to myself, "Don't mind if I do."  I pull on my fluffy robe, its warmth and softness enveloping's the perfect blanket to wrap up in.
Now, off to the kitchen, no serious reading session is complete without LICORICE SPICE TEA.  No worries, its herbal tea.  I've tried other teas, but this, with one packet of equal, makes me want to say...MMMmmmm, after every sip. must try it, and DON'T forego the packet of sweetener, it makes a huge difference.  It's the perfect indulgence that is 100% guilt free.  No sugar, no nothing!  And I'm helping get my 6-8 glasses of water in a day.  My dear, dear licorice spice.  I've also become an old lady, and can get 2 mugs of tea out of 1 bag....LOL.
Now, a little ambience.  I light some candles, and turn off all the lights that aren't near my reading chair, and now I'm basking in just enough glow.  And warm socks?   A MUST!  Now I'm ready to dive in.  Where did I leave off last time? 
Okay, so I've just recently added reading back into my leisure time.  I just finished my Bachelor's in English this last June, and I DID NOT want to pick up a book.  I was so burnt out with reading, even easy books were abhorrent.  But now, I've had enough time away from the grind, and I'm loving being able to read WHATEVER I Harry Potter.  Yes, I ashamedly admit, I haven't finished them all yet, but I'm getting there.  I am a big fan though, I even went to the midnight book release at Borders, as Professor Trelawney....oh yeah.  

I realize all the moms out there are probably rolling their eyes thinking....who has time to read?  especially with peace and quiet?  I am fully aware that life definitely won't always be like this, but I'll enjoy this now, and enjoy what's coming up when it comes up.   


Sarah Peterson said...

I must say- you look very beautiful Jess! Also, after the first baby theres still quiet time for reading.. it's the 2nd I'm worried about! Babies nap a lot... lots of quiet alone time! So- you still have a while for these luxuries to last! Hooray for relaxation!

Emily said...

Don't worry Jess, even after a mom you can read! I love that you took pictures to document the occasion...very cool.

I've never really been a robe it really that great? I think it's too late to try it now, they probably don't even sell them in las vegas. That tea sounds yummy though! Enjoy HP!

Emily said...

Even after YOU ARE a mom...that's how that is supposed to read. Obviously I didn't major in English!

Danielle and Clayton said...

Jessica you are so cute. I also love the documentation through pictures. I have been reading the twilight series, as you know, and I'm going to school and it is a tough combination. I only want to read my book! I forced myself to NOT start the last book today because I had a big pile of accounting to read and DO. ugh. College stinks. Hooray for you for being done! Anyway- fun blog, I loved it. It makes me want to take more "me, relaxation" time.

Tracey said...

I have time to read still. I just read books like Amelia Bedelia or Captain Underpants.(my kids books!) I love Autumn too. I just have a hard time getting jazzed about it when it's still in the 90's here. I need a cold drizzly day.

Dan & Carina said...

you are too cute Jessica!

Jenni.Jolley said...

ok i'm obsessed with you! you are SOOOO dang beautiful and your pictures make me so jealous!!! seriously that is so great for you! You deserve that. and oh my gosh- that tea soudns divine, you better believe I'm gonna try that!!!