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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LaPine Landmarks

One of my favorite things to do is go to new places and discover its hidden treasures, and what makes it unique. For example, when I lived in Springfield/Eugene, I tried to find all the running paths I could, and ended up discovering some secret gems, and even found the perfect place to teach Dakota how to swim. So, now that we’re in LaPine, I’ve discovered some things that make it unique, and although it may sound like I’m poking-fun at the place, I think its quirks are kinda cute…..but….still “not handsome enough to tempt me” to stay here.

A pile of junk

1 of out every 10 houses is required to have a pile of junk on the side of the house. I think it’s a law or something. Our neighbor’s have enough junk for the entire north side of town. We’re talking, probably 20 junked cars. And I just discovered they have a BIG PIG in the back of their yard too…literally….I felt really bad for the guy.
What a neat park

When I arrived here, I noticed this fun little park off one of the main roads. I thought, “ooh, I wish Nicole were here so we could take a picture on the carriage!” Well, it turns out that it’s not a park, but it’s someone’s front yard. Yes, someone put a mannequin inside an outhouse in their front yard. And I thought the half-naked “Aphrodite” statue in my parents’ neighbor’s front yard was curious.

The Bargin Buzz!

See that sign that says, “Bargin Buzz”? I’m all for thrift stores….seriously, they’re my favorite place to shop. But, was this spelling error done on purpose? If yes, why? It certainly isn’t catchy. Is it so people could sound it out? Well, after living here 6 months, I decided to go inside. Tobacco odor attacked my nostrils upon entering. EEEWWWW….how could I ever buy an article of clothing here? It would stink up my whole car just on the ride home. Well, it turns out, the “Bargin Buzz” also houses a “Tobacco Room” where they sell tobacco, pipes, and movies…but you must be 18 or older to enter said, “Tobacco Room.” Oh my gosh...bargin BUZZ…….…….gross…..I feel even dirtier. And they sell “movies”? in the “tobacco room”? I feel violated. LEAVING!

Lawn Ornaments

I must give these peeps props for creativity. I mean, a fence/lawn border of whirlygigs? I never would have thought of that. The picture doesn’t do it justice. There is literally a spinning lawn ornament every few feet, enclosing their lawn. After doing a little more research, I learned that there must be some type of competition for “BEST EXTREME LAWN ORNAMENTATION” because there is another house with many, MANY whirlygigs randomly scattered in their yard….or many houses have huge ornamental windmills….I found 4 on 1 street….and ornamental wells are VERY popular. Apparently, they’re the “it” item round these parts, which just totally works for LaPine.

The most POPULAR RESTAURANT in town (no photo)

Chad and I wanted to try a restaurant in LaPine, instead of Bend. So, we chose the busiest one, thinking it would have the best food. Well, the best restaurant food in LaPine is corn with a freezer-burn aftertaste, mashed potatoes from a box, and de-thawed steak (which was cooked medium-rare, but looked medium-well because of the overall gray tone), Our server proudly stated that the beef vegetable soup was actually home-made, and then told us that the clam-chowder was from a can. This was our anniversary dinner. But, the d├ęcor definitely made up for the food. Miniature semi-trucks were displayed on shelves, and airbrushed pictures of unicorns and kittens randomly adorned the walls. I AM NOT JOKING!!!! Chad and I picked out the ugliest paintings we could find, and laughed our heads off. And yet, I still felt too guilty to klepto a few packets of Smuckers jam and Splenda.

But, my family is here, so that makes everything okay.
Sorry the photos aren't better...but I thought it best to stay in the car while taking pics of people's front yards...considering that everyone in the LaPine probably owns at least 3 guns each.


Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh my head off! How I love Oregon and all of it's very, very odd quirks :)


ok wowser I hope I look like you after I have a baby. and Jet is so cute!


oh yeah and loved the lawn ornamentation!

Danielle said...

That was hilarious. I LOVE small towns. How big is LaPine? I just love lil treasures like that. So awesome. You look great by the way!