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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A farewell to the leaves

A few weeks ago, Jet and I went on an adventure to try to capture a rainbow of leaves. The leaves this year are more incredible to me than ever before. They're magnificent. I wanted to photograph ALL the colors of I could find, from cherry red, to burnt red, to rust, to amber, to hazelnut brown etc. So, I strapped Jet in the jogging stroller, and took my average ol' camera, and every time I saw an intense color, I stopped jogging and shot a few photos before Jet got squirmy, and then I jogged to the next one. I was quite impressed with myself at my ability to combine arts, mom-son bonding, exercise, and nature appreciation. I felt so invigorated when I was done because I was able to use my physical energy and creative energy. Uh-oh, I'm starting to sound like a new-age weirdypants. But, it was such a fun activity to do together. I think I'll do it again, but with another mission, maybe....textures, fungi, rust. We'll see.


I love how the leaves look like rose petals. (If I had a better camera, I would have made the big leaf clearer)

Getting rusty.

Barely hanging on

Surprisingly, one of my favorites is this pic of the brown leaves. I never realized what a warm, rich shade of brown newly dead leaves are. Newly dead? Ha, oxymoron.

Now, almost all the leaves are gone, and most of the colors around are flat gray and muted brown. Gee....winter is ugly without any snow. But, I'm sure there is plenty of beauty I haven't noticed.



Ha ha! Great minds think alike!! I did the EXACT same thing with Ethan! We went for our walk and I brought along the camera to snag pics of all the leaves changing color. Not quite to the extent that you did, though. You got some great shots! I love the first red leaf one - all red. Beautiful. We actually got SNOW up here today. My primary kids were freaking out. I am finding more beauty in the winter. Even if I do need to get FOUR new tires on the Explorer because driving in this weather scares the crud out of me and they're pretty worn out.

Lanette said...

These are SO STUNNING! You captured the beauty really well. And your garage apartment looks so good! I think it's so true that we don't need nearly as much as everyone tells us we do (space-wise, etc).

Elise said...

Snow might be pretty but I am not enjoying it right now. I'm stuck in the driveway, which means I'm stuck in my house.