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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Date night and food

January date night

Chad and I have always loved trying new eateries.  Our palettes have definitely matured over the years from when we thought Applebee's buffalo wings were AMAZING!  lol.  We just both love food...but I still don't understand why he likes potato chips with nasty dip.  Ugh!  And he still doesn't understand why I LOVE plain Greek yogurt (the texture!).  After years of trying new things, and honing my cooking skills, so often I eat out and think, I could have made would be so fun to learn how to make this.  Unless the food is close to perfection, I will think, I wish I had made this at home.  I love spending time with the food, including cooking it.  If I didn't cook, I wouldn't have enough time with food.  Eating it goes by way too fast.  If I cook, I get to enjoy it so much longer.  A clean-up maid would be lovely though.

Yackity smackity.  So....I decided to plan a night-in for Chad and I, catering to his tastebuds, and trying recipes that I really wanted to try.  I made jalapeno poppers and 2-cheese burgers with garlic-herb sauce and roasted tomatoes.  Thanks to my new cast-iron grill pan, I am perfecting the burger, much to Chad's delight.  It's so convenient now to cook them.  And, gourmet burgers are all the rage these days.

I lit candles, I turned on the twinkle lights, and I downloaded quintessential French music...and warned him he would have to dance one song with me, and dip me in, I had to feel like I was light as a feather and not awkwardly leaning back.  We were dancing, he was twirling me, and down for the dip I went, letting my neck relax, and then Dakota licked my forehead.  lol.  To me, it was the best dip ever....because the whole moment was just so funny.  Creating romance is practically impossible because it can't really be planned, it's just an in-the-moment thing.  Luckily, humor is the most romantic to me.  Then she got jealous and started barking at us.  Meow!  Such a diva!  We finished the song, laughing.

We tried ending the night with affogato, but it didn't really work out.  Unfortunately, the back-up plan was cookies and ice cream, and I ate way too many.  tehe. 

Great date night for the month?  CHECK!

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Danielle said...

LOVE it. Sounds wonderful! Dante is funny- anytime we do something like that he starts hopping around thinking we are playing a game. If we even HUG he comes and sticks his nose between us. haha. Silly doggies.