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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bullet Points

A good week

-hiked a new part of Ridgeline with the family.  It was even raining, and we were still all happy.  Very beautiful
-preschool- obstacle course, shaving cream, 1,2,3 cups, added G and H, drew Captain America,
-made yogurt (in the crock pot) for the first time, easy and cheap!  New way of life for me.
-Tried mole sauce at Ranchito, good, but I'll have to compare to other mole sauces
-Tried, La Perla, a Neapolitan Pizza restaurant, in the old Farrell's ice cream.  Really yummy, but not a lot for the $.  It was fun watching the chef put on the ingredients with finesse and seeing the pizza cook in the fire. 
-Read a lot in my current parenting book, really useful info about the brain, even applicable to myself. 
-Chad and I are 2/3 through our current Tennis Shoes book
-Tried a yoga DVD.  No me gusta.
-shopping spree....wee! sneaked out of the house during nap time a few times (when Chad was home).  It almost always backfired, and Aijah would wake up right after I left.
-reorganized my binder, much better.
-Got Jet some car listening music from the library.  I love it!  The songs are hilarious.  I particularly like the song about forts, and the joke-telling octopus.  So glad I finally bought a library card, I have really been missing out.
-Got new books at the library (one about food, one about parenting, and one about life).  I'm so excited to read more, and watch tv less.  I only watch the shows i LOVE.
 -I love The Biggest Loser.  I have never watched it before.  It's so inspiring!  It's really help me up my game in my workouts.
-Up to 7.5 miles on my long run.  Due for 8 miles on Saturday.  It was bliss last week.


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