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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thoughts on what to post

I find myself wanting to record A LOT more stuff lately.  Basically, I want to write my own memoir while I'm living it, instead of looking back when I'm old, and writing it then, like so often happens with people.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have such a descriptive journal for yourself when you're old?  "I never travel without my diary.  One should always have something sensational to read in the train," as Gwendolyn would say from, The Importance of Being Earnest.  So often, I look back in my life and I ask, what did I do that year?  I have a journal, but it's sparse.  I have the blog, but it's sparse too.  I want to capture the every day things.  I am just enjoying life so much right now, I want to squeeze out every drop of loveliness. I really take joy in recording the little moments that stand out to me.  To others, they may be trivial, but to me, they are precious.  Lately, I've had inhibitions about posting such minutia, worrying about people thinking, "Why did she post that?  Who cares that she thinks she made the best waffles ever this morning?"  Or I worry about things being taken the wrong way.  But I want to record those things.  I want to remember that moment, and what it felt like, and other little snippets that went along with it.  I shall call it, "The Well-Recorded Life."  So, if I post frivolous things, that's why.  I may end up going private, or may start a secret blog, who knows.  But, that's where I'm at for now.  Not that anyone needed to know.

A few years ago I read books on journal-keeping.  They were amazing.  The way these authors could capture moments was flawless and astounding.  They could make the smallest things, so profound.  It breathed life into me.  It made me realize that the small moments, are often the best.

One thing I love about the internet is how it has allowed people to see different lifestyles on an every day basis.  People can better learn how THEY want to live, because they can see and read about so many other people's daily lives.  Some lifestyle blogs are just fascinating to me.

I could go on, but that's enough.   



Danielle said...

I have basically never in my life wondered why someone wrote something on the blog. I love blogs like that! That are just someone recording something they are excited about!

Karen K. said...

Write whatever floats your boat. You know I love how and what you write. Don't worry about what other people think...they probably aren't! ;)


I write for me. And I feel like the more I do, the less people read- ha! BUT- like you said- I want to record everything, and sometimes i go back and read from my college blogs- and they are so funny, and there are stories I would have totally forgotten had i not written them down. So even though now my blogs are more boring bc I just write about maddie and home, it's still my life and I'm still going to want to read about it. The only trouble I've run into, and has affected my writing, is people have taken my blog the wrong way SO MANY TIMES. Like- someone contacted me via facebook, and called me a racist- ha. and went OFF ON ME! She said "I hope the hatred you spread doesn't go into your daughter" haha. So like- she totally didn't get what I was writing bc duh- she doesn't know me. So that's hard for me sometimes. Like- sometimes i think it's funny- but sometimes it hurts my feelings. So- I feel like I've been holding back bc I fear what people will take the wrong way, and I hate it! like i feel like I'm not being honest anymore. So- I've considered going private so I can be more myself again. it's really been on my mind alot lately. anyway- sorry i just talked all about my self- ha. But- anyway- write what you want! even if it's just about waffles- or your fav outfit- plus- I feel better after i blog- like I feel more organized and at peace in my mind, I feel like it helps to record life, it's theraputic for me. Sometimes I wonder if the church encourages us to journal, not necessarily for history, but for ourselves, because it's so theraputic. love you! OH- and like danielle said- I totally enjoy real blogs so much more. Like when someone says their kids are driving them crazy or something- I'm like "FINALLY! SOMEONE WHO TELLS THE TRUTH!" k sorry for the long comment. love you