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Monday, January 14, 2013

Logging great runs

So often, I get home from a run, and I think, "Man, I should blog about that, because it was AWESOME!"  Then I don't, and I think, shucks.  I shoulda.  I want to remember my favorite runs.  Well, not today. 

I rarely run in the evening, but today, that's what fit the schedule.  I left when the evening sun was highlighting the mountaintops.  I had lots of energy from a rest day yesterday, and a hearty lunch today, and I had a fresh set of songs on my ipod.  Everything was set up for the PERFECT run....and so it was. I caught all the different stages of the sunset.  I beat my best 5k time, and wasn't even planning on doing it.  Before I knew it, I had run 5 miles, and it was getting dark.  I came home, and everyone was still napping.  I drank a protein shake (love them!  So good.  I know that sounds so dorky and like I'm a total wannabe, but whatever) and went outside again to stretch.  "Over the Valley" by Pink Martini started playing on the ipod.  It's Aijahlyn's lullaby, but it always reminds me of the month we lived in a "cabin" in Lapine, where we could walk, in solitude, to the river, and sit in knee-high green grass along the bank.  That month in my life is practically sacred, I loved it so much.  I started crying, wishing I could be back in those moments again.  Although my life now is still my favorite, those memories were so sweet.  Jet was 10 months, and we went on strolls everyday along that river with the dogs.  It was in early June, the perfect weather, when the onset of summer feels so new, and the sun on your face is the most soothing feeling.  Those days were perfection.

After my drift down memory lane, I still wasn't ready to go inside, so I plugged in my "Italian Villa" lights hanging over the deck, warmed up some vanilla comoro tea, and brought my yoga mat out to do what little yoga I know in the 36 degree weather.  I listened to the same song a few times, and loosened all my muscles.  Down went the last sip of tea, and i was ready to go in.

That's why I LOVE running.  It's like the best date with myself, and I can do it EVERY DAY.  'Til next time. 

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Danielle said...

That sounds awesome! You are amazing! Running hurts always sounds so fun and great when you talk about it and - have you read "The Little Red House" blog? You'd love it. She's obsessed with running and blogs about it all the time. I always want to run after reading stories like this but I just have to accept it's not for me! Don't know if it's cause of the Lyme or what but I just can't handle the pain! I'm so happy for you though that its such a great thing. Wonderful!