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Friday, February 1, 2013

Driving Through A Rainbow

It really happened.  I made it to the bottom of a rainbow.  I went right through the darn thing, and I guess the pot of gold was just a metaphor for how surreal it is to really be there.

I was driving home from after my Saturday run, and a rainbow sprawled across the sky.  With the runner's high still pumping, the sense of accomplishment of completing a distance I hadn't reached in YEARS, the rainbow just topped off the perfect morning.

I came down a hill on 126, and noticed the base of the rainbow was smack-dab in the middle of the freeway.  It looked like cars were driving right through it, the color spectrum shining on them.  I was in awe.  My turn was coming.  Ever since I was a kid, like most kids, you see a rainbow, and want to chase it, thinking you can reach it somehow, but it never happens.  Mostly because it disappears, or the end is in some far-off forest.  Then you learn, the rainbow gets farther away the closer you get to it.  Once you're a teenager, you abandon hope at ever seeing the end of a rainbow, realizing it's just silliness.

I was so close to it.  Then it disappeared.  NOOOooo!!!!  Stupid rain, come back!  Then I noticed the water from underneath the car ahead of me was rainbow colored.  It was spraying the rainbow right into my windshield.  It continued for about 5 seconds.  I went through the rainbow.  That moment, was the pot of gold, because it seemed so impossible.  Cheesy! My childhood fantasy!

Funny how Chad and I were just reading about the "Rainbow Room" in the, Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites the night previous.

The perfect timing also reminded me of running by the hospital just at the moment when the sun was shining through the opening in the bell tower.


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Danielle said...

haha that's awesome! I love it! This will be one of those cool things you can say at parties know when you have those games where you are supposed to say things other people have never done or something? I dunno- but you can say, "I've gone THROUGH a rainbow!" or "I've been inside a rainbow" haha :) Cool experience.