Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mom Gone Wild

Is there something in this tea?  Because I’m feeling ridiculously giddy.  Oh wait, it’s because I’m listening to Parisian music and I have the house to myself, and I’m cooking and dancing like a fool in my living room.  That’ll do it.  Give a mom a few moments in a private place, and she’ll let loose.  It’s amazing how little time it takes to feel like your “old self” again, when there aren’t little people constantly interrupting, asking for this or that, or big people, like husbands, tehe.  When moms gets a break they let it all go, because honestly, when will be the next time they’re really be alone?  It’s now or never baby!  Moms gone wild, mormon style.  Well, not so wild, but definitely a sense of liberation and giddiness. 
            Earlier today Chad took Jet to get a Raphael ninja turtle he’d being saving and saving for.  They had to go to a few stores, and didn’t have any luck.  They came home, and Chad was exhausted mentally from Jet’s plethora of questions that were peppered throughout the ENTIRE trip; in the truck, in the parking lot, and down the aisles of the stores.  When he got home, the tables were turned, for once!  I relished the moment with deep chuckles of complete understanding.  HAHAHHHHAAAAaaaaa!  It was only a 30 minute trip, and he didn’t even have Aijahlyn.  His patience was gone, energy depleted, and enthusiasm for anything but sleeping was squashed.  I just kept chuckling to myself, amazed at how easy it was to be patient with Jet and have energy and be optimistic with just 30 minutes away from him.  Chad sometimes makes comments about how I need to keep it together more around Jet, and not get frsutrated, but after today, I think those comments will be a thing of the past.  Ah ha ha!!!  “I didn’t understand,” he said.  “I know, hun.  I know you didn’t.”  LOL!!!!!      

P.S. Jet is wonderful boy.  Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better boy, but sometimes he gets in moods (chatty or needy, or both), just like any other 3-year-old.  He is a joy to be with, and crack us up, and brings us much more happiness than anything else, but there are always those times when grown-ups just need a break to be adults…..or feel like a kid themselves again.   

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oh my gosh i loved this blog. so many different things i loved about this blog! ok- first of all, when you said all alone- i thought to myself- when was the last time i was alone in my house? I don't think ever since maddie. I've been alone at the grocery store, but not alone in MY HOUSE. that sounds HEAVENLY! Isn't it so sad that I forgot that it's even possible to obtain?! the questions, and chad not understanding- so funny. I LOVE it when mike experiences something that's hard about maddie and I just relish in it thinking "FINALLY!!!!!! NOW YOU KNOW!!!!" but the sad thing is- it doesn't take long for them to forget. why oh why?!!!! and i totally get loving your kid to death- like thinking they are the greatest, but yet- they drive you crazy!!!! It is SO hard to be a mom 24-7 and never get a break, even if they are angels, it's STILL hard! love you and thankyou for making me feel normal and for the laugh. love you.