Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Sunday, February 3, 2013


A snippet of yesterdays conversations.  No wonder I'm going crazy when Chad gets off late.  Okay, there is going to be some venting involved here, but just know I really love my son, and really, I'm sure you'll understand.  And, I was really tired yesterday.  

Jet asks so many questions.  I know it's good, and I encourage him to talk, communicate, express, share, whenever he wants.  But not getting annoyed from Jet asking too many questions is my biggest challenge right now.  UG!!!  So many questions!  Holy Moly!  Why? Why?  Is Spiderman bigger than batman?  No.  Why?  Spiderman is small, because he is more like a spider, thin and light.  Why?  That’s just the way he is.  That’s how Heavenly Father made him?  Sure.  Why?  I don’t know.  Could spiderman beat up the hulk?  No.  Why?  (in my head, who cares?????!!!!)  Maybe he could wrap him up in his web.  How could he wrap him up in his web?  That’s what spiders do.  Why?  Um, so they can capture things and eat them.  Why do they eat?  Why do you think?  Because they are HUNGRY!!!!!  Mom, can I have chocolate milk?  Did I have my gummi bear today?  Yes, you already had your gummi bear.  No, I didn’t.  Yes you did.  No, I DIDN’t.  You had it this morning after breakfast and I know because I got it for you.  Oh.  What can I eat?  We just ate lunch, and you said you were full.  Oh, but I’m hungry.  Can I have an apple?  That’s such a small snippet it’s ridiculous!  Then I lose it sometimes, and say something in a mean tone, and he gets hurt and because he’s REALLY sensitive.  Then I have to talk more to explain.  Talk talk talk.  I don’t want to talk.  Does my throat hurt because I’m coming down with something, or because I’ve been answering a bazillion questions?  So often, I can’t even understand his question because he slurs his words together.  What?  Does shle skje ks orjslkf?  What?  Does ninja turtle slkjwekjf?  Huh?  Jet, I can’t understand you.  WHAT BEATS UP NINJA TURTLES???!!!!!!!  As he yells as loud as he can.  Okay, you don’t have to yell, you just need to talk slower.  What     beats   up         ninja       turtles?  Shredder.  Oh, can I buy shredder?  You’ll have to save your money for him.  Ohhhhhhhh man.  But I want him.  Well, keep working hard and you’ll have enough money.  Okay, I’ll work hard mommy.  Okay.
            Yesterday I was drained!!!!  It doesn’t happen very often, but oi, energyless!  Zombielike.  I was trying to come up with something to do that would help me get through the day.  An adventure!  Yes yes yes.  A new hiking spot.  Yes.  Well, it was a cool spot, but all the questions were 10 times more tiring than the hiking with Aijah in the bjorn.  Is this the top?  No.  Oh, is this the top?  It’s up there but we can’t see it from here.  Up where?  We have to keep following the trail up, and we’ll get there.  Can Connor hike this far?  Yes.  Can Colby hike this far?  Probably.  Is this the top?  Not yet.  I’m going faster than you.  Why are you in the back?  What’s that?  Are there monsters in that forest?  I don’t want to go in that forest.  Monsters aren’t real, Jet.  Yeah, monsters aren’t real.  Can we go back to the top?  We just got here.  Look at THIS, let’s go this way Jet.  Ohhhhhh, but it’s scary because there are monsters.  No, monsters are only on movies and in books.  Oh, okay.  Crying.  What’s wrong?  I got dirt on my shoe.  Crying.  Jet, we’re on an adventure, your shoes are supposed to get dirty.  Ohhhhh, get it off, get if off.  Jet, look how dirty my shoes are, that means we’re on a REAL adventure.  Did you see that guy with dirty legs?  No.  Well, he had really dirty legs.  Why?  Because he was on an adventure, and not only were his shoes dirty, but it went all the way up to his knee.  Wow!  Let’s keep walking.  Okay.  

That's a small part of yesterday.  I needed a break when Chad got home, so I requested to take the dogs out.  No convincing required.  They rollicked while I let loose, dancing to tunes on the ipod.  good thing it was dark, and I was alone.  First it started with a little head bobbing, and after a few songs, it was full-out lazy, tired dancing.  It was weird.  I wanted to dance and it felt really good, but I was still so dead.  But, it was the perfect thing to shift my mood.  I feel better now.    

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oh man this was so funny. and i love how most of the questions revolve around superheros. haha. and i think it's normal to be annoyed with all the questions. Jake (my bro) told me that when ruby was this age, he would turn the music up REALLY loud so he couldn't hear her- hahah.