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Monday, February 4, 2013

Favorite things in January

It started with a trip to Hoodoo Autobahn on Monday.  The Durfees took Aijahlyn.  Okay, apparently I needed my sissiness knocked out of me.  I was scared on the first 2 runs.  Honestly, scared.  I felt like my tube was gonna flip, or fly out from under me, while spinning down a hill.  Ah!  Then I would see all these kids in line, 8-year-olds or a bit older, and they thought nothing of it.  Looking back to myself that age, I was the same.  The thought of fear didn't even cross my mind, it was just fun.  The remaining runs I went down with Jet in a double tube.  Much better, less spinning.  Jet was never scared, just thrilled.  It was so fun yelling, "Woohoo!" down the hill with him.  When we went down the steepest hill I yelled, "Holy Smokles!" out of genuine yikeness.   After a few runs, the fear was replaced with nervous exhilaration.  Sometimes, I need to do things like this so I don't turn into a wimpy girl.  That night we went bowling with Chad's family, and out to Olive Garden where I gorged myself.  Monday was full of fun, and more fun.  Nothing got done....ah ha ha! 

Jet and I have started a routine.  Lunch, read books in bed while eating apples slices, tell stories in the dark, I rub his back, he falls asleep, and me too sometimes, but luckily for only a 1/2 hour.  I finally anted-up for library card, and have since loved it.  We read new books every day, all cozy under the covers.  I feel like a good mom whenever we read, and I genuinely enjoy it when we have new books.  We also have started telling Red, Fred, and Ed stories.  Basically, I just use those characters names to make up a story about something really fun I'd like to do together, like go to Voodoo Donuts after cleaning the house, or to teach a lesson catered to him.  It's very convenient, and slightly manipulative.  Afterwards he'll say, "Can we go to Voodoo Donuts?" or "I want to be good like Red, Fred and Ed."  Hey, it's just a learning tool.    

Jet and I have had some boxing matches.  That kid always goes for a right-cross to start each attack.  So predictable.  lol.  He is starting to enjoy dancing around and singing songs.  Hurrah, stuff I like!  Preschool is going well, but it's more like every other day so far.  But still, I'm proud. 

Aijahlyn loves being sung to.  Really, she lights up whenever people talk to her.  She's starting to laugh, but it's tricky getting it out of her.  Chad is the best at it.  I say she already has a crush on him.

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