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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Food Budget

Why is food so gosh darn expensive?  Over the past 6 months, I have actually tracked almost every dollar we've spent on food.  Some months have not been pretty.  But, slowly, we have been able to whittle it down a little, while still eating really yummy and healthy food.

Well, this month I set a goal to be under a certain amount.  I worked really hard to make food for Chad when he wanted to get fast food.  I tried using up all we had in the freezer (there is still lots of veggies, but no meat).  I planned ahead for the weekend so we wouldn't eat out as much.  I gave Chad updates about how little $ we had left in the food budget.  Well, we totally failed.  We still went $100 over budget.  I guess I still splurged.  I figured if Chad were eating out less I could get the REAL maple syrup.  We did get that gruyere cheese and prosciutto (because Chad came with me to the grocery store, not doing that anymore!).  I did get his favorite expensive cereal.  We did take some people out to eat.  I made dinner for a family.

I've cooked my own beans.  I've been making my own yogurt.  I guess I've been eating to many veggies.  I have been in love with stir-fry this month.  But seriously, cabbage, onions, and celery aren't expensive!  Neither is the homemade peanut sauce I put on it.

The other day my friend introduced me to a blog, 100 days of real food.  It's really cool but their family must eat like birds.  She buys barely any food, and manages to stretch it for a week.  She buys the expensive stuff.  Well, they don't eat much meat.   

It's so frustrating.  Maybe I just have issues.  We have enough money for a big food budget if we want it.  I'm not trying to say we're going in the hole because of food, AT ALL.  It's just, I hate seeing what a huge number we spend on food.  Honestly, it's not much smaller than our mortgage payment!!!  We are a small family.  Granted, we have a LOW mortgage, but still.  There are 2 adults and a 3-year-old in our family.   Our family does really love food, and we use it for recreation and feeling good and enjoying life.  But I know we can do better.

Every month I always think we will be spend less, that I can stretch things more.  I always think I can eat cheaper, but I guess I eat the same foods most of the time.  I need to change it up.  Duh.  What's that quote?  Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.  I need to eat different foods.  I can do this.  We will meet our food budget for MARCH!      


Sarah Peterson said...

I struggle with the same thing. I have come to the conclusion that food just costs A LOT of money! I mean you eat 3 meals a day, plus snacks. It adds up super fast. We are eating away our money! I some times wish I lived somewhere tropical where they sell the fruits and vegetables for just pennies. It would be so fun to walk down the streets and buy all the fresh fruits.
Alas- I have decided this year I want a big garden, and I want to plant lots of fruit trees and bushes so we can eat for free in the summer! Well... sort of.


I FEEL THE SAME WAY! FOOD IS SO EXPENSIVE! I'm actually reading a book about this right now- on how to save money- if it seems to be good I'll send you the author and title. just got it from the library. anyway- yes food is so expensive. ok- i'm dying to know how much you spend on food. ALSO- if you have the money- maybe you need to up your budget? it is frusteraing to see how much money goes to food, something we just eat, but- it is how we live- haha- and a big part of our time and lives, so- yeah- I dont have anythign magical or great to say- it just sucks! ha. and lately I have been falling into the trap of "let sjust get pizza" "lets just get subway"- and i'm TRYING REALL YHARD not to. So far I haven't twice when I would have before, and i was so proud of myself. and i thought "man I just saved us 14 bucks" "i just savaed us 8 bucks" it all adds up so quickly. and i want to go to costco today, but i know if i do- i'll spend like over 200 on things that aren't even necessarily for my meals this week! ha. eyeyye food.