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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Feeling Saucy

It all started with a huge box of tomatoes.  My mom hooked me up, but what do you do with 15 pounds of tomatoes?  I didn't want to go through the whole salsa process, even though I love salsa.  I just wasn't ready to spend my day learning to can, getting the supplies, and canning.  ug.  So, after freezing some (took the skins off, removed seeds), I thought, "Ya know what?  I like veggies so much, I bet we could eat most of these before they go bad, instead of going through all the various preservation processes."

Last night, I had a tomato salad with balsamic, then I pan roasted several with some over-easy eggs.  I probably ate 7-9 roma tomatoes.  Well, apparently they work like Red Bulls, because I was in the best mood for the rest of the night, as in, ridiculously giddy and silly and happy and sassy and  Tomatoes?  Never would have thought.  I danced around, talked with a Spanish accent, and watched part of a Glee episode about guilty pleasures (coco, spice girls, my prerogative. AWESOME) After dinner, I felt like going out.  I got all glammed-up with voluptuous hair and sultry eyes, and I texted Chad all kinds of silly messages, explaining that tonight I was going to be blowing off steam, and letting all inhibitions fly, because it was Friday!!

We went to Applebee's.....Aijah, Jet and us.  Okay, I know, not novel or that exciting, but it didn't matter.  It was perfection.  We laughed our heads off, and just enjoyed our time as much as possible.  So often, during the day, I will imagine how great the night is gonna be, because Chad will be home and we can do this or do that, but then the night comes and we're all so pooped, and we don't really decide on something, and someone is cranky and a "great night" just doesn't happen.  Really, what can you expect?  All nights can't be great.  Life is tiring.  Sometimes, you just don't have the energy to have crazy fun.  lol.  So, thank you tomatoes.

The "sauciness" has continued throughout today.  I had to run 10 miles solo this morning at 6am.  I was dreading it.  But, as usual, it ended up being really enjoyable.  I had a couple of miles in the rain, but it felt really good.  At mile 8, I did loops around the roundabouts, dancing to Lady Gaga pandora radio.  lol.  I shook the blossoming trees, to get petal confetti, but I got more rain on me....duh.  I just laughed.  I gave a business building the "I'm watching you" sign, because they were probably watching me, laughing.  meh, who cares?  I'm gonna enjoy my run.  I deserve it.  When you feel good, you gotta live it up.  I got home, and ate more tomatoes.  lol.  I cut up 2 and put them with Chad's meatballs and sauce, for his lunch.  I made "pizza" for Jet, with a whole chopped tomato.  He even ate half of one plain, like an apple.  Huh?  Okay, fine with me.

I still have a whole bowl full of 'em.  It's gonna be a great weekend.  Ah HA hA!!!!!!

It's tomato overdosing.  Heeee hehehe


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Carina & Dan said...

mmm tomatoes! I love home grown ones. you are so fun Jessica!