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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Daily Spa

Last week, I was reading some health and fitness magazine, and they had a list of retreat vacations, ranging from yoga retreats to surfing school to interval training mornings with spa treatments later.  Don't ask me why, but it really hit home, and I've started this little craze of imitating these little retreats whenever I can. I realized that my morning routines already mimicked them, but having the framework in my mind has helped me perfect the details.  Warning: This may sound hippy-dippy, or food-snobby, but honestly, it's all in fun and life-enjoyment; very lighthearted.  

For example, the other morning, I did some hiit (high intensity interval training).  It really wakes you up in a good way.  Whenever I'm done, I'm on this energy high (Chad can attest.  It's probably annoying) and I can't even think a negative thought.  I took my yoga mat onto the deck to stretch.  The birds were chirping, the wind faint, my doubled yoga mat so cushy.  I breathed, I relaxed, I lived in the moment.  I came in and drank some really good tea, ate over easy eggs with tomato, veg, smoked paprika and cayenne, with a coconut orange salad on the side.  I took a shower and then smothered myself in my new clementine body butter.  Yes, in just an hour and half, I managed to have my own retreat, all at home.  Why not?  Why not do this every day?!!!  I wake up early enough.  Why wait for a retreat vacation?  Why not just make it a way of life?

So, this idea has been motivating me to clean up the backyard, and keep the house cleaner...because I want it to feel more like a spa, or a retreat.  I've been eating a lot of what I call "spa food."  Very clean and fresh, nothing that makes you feel heavy when you're done.  Lots of veggies, fruits, and protein.  I've been drinking lots of iced tea (herbal).  My mint is growing in the backyard, and I can't wait to make what Padma Luckshmi calls, "sexy water," basically water infused with fresh herbs of choice, and/or citrus juices.  lol.  It's just refreshing and feels clean, not laden with artificial whatevers or sugary this or that.

I haven't been going to bed early enough to get up early enough to do more retreats, but am anxious to do more.     

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