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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Good mornin’ life!  Good mornin’ sun, how are ya skies above?  Yep, I am shamelessly singing that song from Return to Me.  I used to sing it high school, because I thought it was so cool and no one else knew it….lol….well, little did I know how dorky it was (Chad would have laughed at me, so hard) but what did I care?  That song is one of THE HAPPIEST I have ever found.  “Gee ain’t it great to be alive, and in love?  Good mornin’ birds, sing out your happy tune.  Feels so good, cuz I’ll be singin’ it soon…..good mornin’ world, how are you happiness?  All at once I know what livin’ can be!  It’s life!  It’s free!  It’s someone waitin’ for me!”

Corny!  Whoo! 

I just had the perfect morning.  I have been in a major slump.  “And when you’re in a slump, you’re not in for much fun.  Unslumping oneself is not easily done.”  Dr. Suess. 

Well, phooey on that ol’ slump.  I’m kickin’ it away, because I have the best weekend ahead.  My sisters are here!  Chad has time off!  I’m getting over my cold.  It’s great weather.  It’s Girls Night out.  Chad owes me oodles of free time from all his golfing.  Oh yes, this weekend is just what I need to get revved back up for the next few months.  MmmmmHmmmm.  GLORIA!!!!! 

I woke up early, sun shining, fed Aijah, did my workout, stretched on the deck with my yoga mat and a subtle breeze, exfoliated my whole body, lathered my hair, shaved my legs, ate my favorite breakfast, and here I am.  Thank you 6am, you are the bestest.  I have missed you.  Once again, a trip to “the spa” (my home, that I pretend is a spa) does wonders, even when the shower isn’t that clean, and even when the floor REALLY needs to be vacuumed, and there are robots strewn about, and little messes everywhere, it doesn’t matter.  You get lost in the moment, and those little uglies go away.  Now, I am ready to tackle this day.  Gotta make stir fry.  It’s my fave.  OH….I eat it every day, and love it every day.  Om nom Rar nom nom….stir fry….gobble gobble gobble.  Heaping plates full of the stuff.  The other day Chad passed by my plate-o-fry, and said, “That looks disgusting.”  And I said, “This is heaven!  Poor you.” 

Oh, finally I feel like myself again!.      

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