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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life During a Kitchen Remodel

We're in the thick of it.  Luckily, we're just hackin' away at a steady pace. 

Really, so far, it's been a series of tearing down various things (walls, cabinets, moldings, ceiling), cleaning up the mess (loads to the dump), and cleaning up all the debris to make the house livable, and then cleaning it more so a baby can actually crawl around safely.  Emptying cabinets.  Finding temporary places for all the stuff that was in the cabinets.  Sell this to make room for this.  Call this guy for this.  When will he be here? 

New fridge is the garage.  Luckily, still have all the other appliances in the house.  So many trips to the garage, especially for us food divas.   

Using our table as a kitchen island, a bookcase as a cupboard, and a hallway dresser for drawers. 

Always various 2 by 4s exposed somewhere.  Center wall, back wall, the whole center of the house. 

Temporary beam wasn't holding up the ceiling enough, and had an emergency beam install.  All is well. 

Accidentally chopped a wire.  No electricity in our bedroom and Jet's room for the past week and half. 

I have learned that I feel like a stud taking loads to the dump, just me and the kids.  I can heft huge pieces of wood and sheet-rock into the truck, and later throw them into a big pit.  It's a fun, vigorous, and makes me say, RAR! and flex my muscles...when I get home.  lol.  Who needs to wait for Chad for help?  I got this.

But honestly, I already love our kitchen so much better because of the open layout.  Life changing!  Tonight, Chad was watching NBA playoffs, and I was chopping some produce (my zen activity....I love to chop) and we were hanging out together.  He was feet away, and not behind a wall!  We could easily converse about the day.  No yelling, can you bring me this?!  More like, hand that to me, at a normal volume.  ok, no prob.  So, what was your fave part of the day?  Right now.  I know, this is so nice! 

Scared to be sinkless soon.  Yikes.  tehe 

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Carina & Dan said...

good luck with the remodel! it stinks living in the construction zone. you should really post pictures! I love seeing the process. We will *hopefully* be starting our kitchen remodel next summer. I am so excited for it. It only has two small drawers in the whole kitchen, and very few cabinets, and a horrible red color! I want a nice practical kitchen!