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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Crazy Kitchen Lady

I really should get some cleaning done, but I'm going to do some mental cleaning instead.  That's what journaling and/or blogging is for me.  It just helps me sort my thoughts and find my mojo, like going for a run.  It's actually become a little afternoon routine for me.  Love it.  Though it normally ends with a baby waking up, and a torn feeling of, I should have gotten something else done, but I really needed that.  Normally, I drink tea too, but with the state of our kitchen, making a cup of tea involves 4 different rooms (bathroom for water, kitchen for cup, garage for fridge (need cream!) and living room for microwave).  Tea is in, sanity!  Not sanitary tea....haha.  Decaf and herbal....alright....I'm kicking out some regular chai soon.  Honestly, I haven't bought any for a long time, and won't anymore.  I'm doing good.

Mental spew of BOOs (negative things)

-no sink, range, or dishwasher
-running injury that keeps lingering
-messy house
-precious seedlings getting eaten by slugs
-10% of seeds planted actually growing!!!  ug!  I suck at this!
-drywall guy bailing
-feeling like I have a limb cut off because I don't really have a kitchen.  I'm pretending we're camping.
-Having to go to my parents to cook a big batch of meatballs for the week.  Annoying my dad with a cranky baby, and loud dogs barking in the back of the truck (and the neighborhood, for that matter, oi)
-Doing dishes in the bathtub
-Working on ANOTHER load to the dump, because we took down two more walls of sheet-rock, thanks to the drywall guy who bailed.  
-I have eating issues and think about food way too much

HURRAHs (positive things)

-Getting a new kitchen...I really need to focus on WHY we are going through all this.  It will be worth it!  Really, it's not that bad.  Wah!!! Jessica, Wah!  You still have food and electricity and water.  Shut yo' yappa!
-Beautiful weather
-Lunch w/Jet on the deck, under the new umbrella.  I love eating lunch w/that boy.  So fun.  Today, he tried his first caper.
-ricotta has been rocking my world lately....and peanut butter.  and pesto.  Not together.  Well, the first and last
-Dean Karnazes books (Ultramarathon man)  So inspiring.  This guy makes you rethink some basic beliefs of pushing the limits.  Right now, I'm applying the principles to the kitchen, and not running.  haha.  "One step at a time....will eventually get you to run 150 miles."  "Pain is the body's way of ridding sissiness."  Those aren't real quotes from the book. 

Alright, let's cut to the chase.  The real reason I'm feeling like I'm running amok is because of the kitchen.  That's all.  It's bound to happen.  SO....I'm going to cut my self some slack, realize it's gonna be a bit chaotic 'round here, and go with it.  No big deal.  If I'm feeling off, I'm blaming it on the kitchen.  That darn kitchen.  Makes peoples get all crazies!  Cheese and Crackahs! Watch out for the crazy lady, she's kitchenless!  Bah!!!!

Let's ignore the house.

I'm so silly.  The other day I read a quote by Thoreau, basically saying that the less one has, the more free one is.  I remember learning that lesson when Chad was unemployed and we were living at his parents.  Stuff takes time and energy.  Caring for it, maintaining it, storing it, organizing it, etc etc etc.  Stuff can be such a waste of time.  So much of it is fluff, and not really important.  The kitchen will be wonderful, but really, it's stuff.  It's not that important.  The best part will be the new layout....being able to be WITH the family when I'm cooking, and having everything be open.  THAT, is a life changer.  Getting new cabinets? Nah.  It will also be wonderful to have people come over and spend time together.  THAT will be awesome.   

I want to simplify.  So much stuff.  Sometimes, it's a burden.  I want to purge.  Get rid of it!  Focus on relationships and living.  My relationship with my Heavenly Father, my family, my bigger family.  Family is the best.  Don't you love that quote in that mormon message, "Children are what God gave you time for."  What is life for?  To make it back with our families.  I love my family so much.  They are the joy of my life.  They are the hug, literally and figuratively, at the end of the day.  I love the brightness in Jet's eyes, Aijah's innocent excitement at the smallest things, Chad's willingness to listen to everything I have to say, even when it's silly, and still truly care about it. 

What's a few weeks of kitchen catastrophe?  Meh.....nothin'.  Bring it.

Heads on straight.  Isn't writing great? just woke up.  Whudya know? 


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thanks. i needed this. i feel like ever since we got a house is all i focus on is STUFF. It is so hard to focus on what's really important. thanks for the reminder :)