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Thursday, June 13, 2013


I have been wanting to do adventures.  I have been wanting to enjoy the oncoming of summer.  I have been wanting to be easy-goin' and chip-chip-chipper, but I've been THWARTED....obstacle after obstacle, tripping me up. 

Kitchen.  I spend so much time in the kitchen.  It's a source of peace for me.  It's a mess.  And, the remaining remodeling tunnel is LONG.  Must keep going.  The chaos has almost become a new normal.  Not cool.  I have this odd makeshift kitchen set-up on the fireplace bench....microwave, waffle maker, toaster, (that just broke, figures) and griddle (gotta have eggs).  A dresser for utensils.  Kitchen table for countertop.  A pile of cutting boards.  A big bowl for a sink (dirty dish pile). 

Water heater broke the day before yesterday.  Somehow. luxuries here.   No range, no kitchen sink, no dishwasher, and now, NO HOT WATER.  AND....NO HEAT!!! Because we had to turn the gas off. to Grandma's for warmth, mac and cheese, and baths.  THANK YOU!!!  And yes, it's rainy and cold today.  Ofcourse. 

Knee injury.  It's pretty stupid to be reading an inspiring running book, when you can't run.  It's so frustrating.  The perfect summer was ahead with races and new trails.  No HIIT either.  Too rough on the knees.  That was my morning jolt.  Well, it will force me cross-train.  Learn something new.  But really, I want my faves. : ( 

Always another project.  Sheet rock comes out.  4 loads to the dump.  New drywall goes in.  Prime before bed.  Paint early.  Paint again.  Needs another coat.  Patch another part.  Do the same thing.  Stay up late putting in cabinets.  Well, Chad and friend worked on cabinets.  I watched 5 kids in a tiny bedroom.  Oh, it's the weekend?  Even more work!   

Keep up with the joke of a garden.  I feel so lost.  SO many things aren't growing.  So, I planted more.  Will those grow?  Who knows.  Then I look at all the work for two rows of lettuce and I think....what is that gonna make?  One big bowl of salad....that only I eat?!  I mean, I'll love it, but I just think I did the layout wrong or something.  How did people ever live off their own garden?!  I guess, I started from scratch.  I made long mounds, rotated, tilled (with a hand-tiller thingy), mixed in compost....all so I could plant the seeds and have them be really healthy.  So i thought.  But next year, there will be much less work.  A lot of the work has just been researching and trying to learn how to do it right.  I did start with some questionable seeds, so that doesn't help.  No LCC seed swap next year.  I'll preserve my own seeds this year.  But, there is another thing to research, learn, and do.

Then today, I had plans for getting lots of things done, but they involved the truck and dry weather.  No dry weather.  No chores done.  Dogs still couped-up.  Plans thwarted.   

Used the gym for the first time in ages, so I could use their shower.  Used the elliptical too.  It was nice to get some cardio.  It's been awhile.

Chad has longer hours for the next two weeks too.  Hurrah!  

But hey, none of us are sick!  Our family is great.  Aijah has learned to stand on her own.  Jet says great prayers.  Really, they are very entertaining and sweet, and quite long.  lol.  I've stayed in my sweats all day, but at least I'm clean, even my hair.  We'll pretend I didn't hoover crappy carbs all morning out of stress.  yikes.  My wonderful father-in-law came over to help me with the water heater guy.  Thank goodness.  I got to watch the last 1/3 of Wreck-it Ralph with Jet, snuggling on the couch w/a fluffy blanket.  At that moment, I just silently thanked the people who make happy movies, because it's just what we needed to chase the stresses away.

Perhaps I should have put this in a more personal journal?  I wonder sometimes.  Ol' well.  "Publish"

Well, how about a theme song for the rest of the day?

"Ain't nothin' gonna break-a my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no, I've got to keep on movin'."

What are a few boulders down a path, but a few detours to make the trip interesting?  Nay? 

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:) you're a great writer :) and I am way behind on your blog, so I had no idea you had a knee injury, and remodeling?! oh my gosh! Seriously I don't know people remodel! we are doing a tub, and it's exhausting the life out of me! Mike and I have continually said- how do people do fixer uppers? we didn't get one, but we're still constantly working on something! I like hearing these stories, I'm glad you publish them and don't put them in your journal! Sometimes I feel like everyone has it great and perfect, and it makes me feel better when I read stories like this and realize ok- other people have stresses too! I'm so sorry your knee is injured, especially since you love to run so much! Ok- i'm going to read your other blogs so i can figure out this kitchen business!