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Monday, March 11, 2013

Floaty Weekend

A perfect weekend.  Sigh.  Has just been had.  Ah man.  It has honestly been bliss, and surprisingly, there is still several hours left in it.  It truly has been a time away from everything, emotional drama of house hunting, fatigue, work, mood swings.  The whole feel of the weekend I would compare to floating, no big bumps or dips, and everything pleasant, relaxed and on-the-up.

Started off with a great end-of-the-week night.  Chad got home at 7:30, and we both just wanted to go on a field trip.  "Let's get out of here, and it doesn't matter what we do."  We ended up stealing 40 cents out of the LCC fountain, freezing our arms from the elbows down trying to reach for the nickels.  We skipped along the sparkly path, and hollered through the sculpture.  We weren't satisfied with our mere pittance, and went to U of O to try another fountain.  Dry!  One penny remained, enough to make Jet very happy and find something all himself.  Pretending we were destitute, we checked out a dumpster.  Chad disapproved, and I barely got a peak!  Bummer.  While driving, we brainstormed ways we could survive if we had nothing.  lol.  Jet and I just might start collecting cans on a regular basis, just for the honest fun of it.

The next morning I finally, and I mean FINALLY made the PERFECT waffle.  Seriously, nothing could have been improved, it was that good.  I have tried and tried since the beginning of the year, and last week's pathetic attempt with a new waffle iron was discouraging, especially when Chad only ate 1/2 of it, claiming to already be full.  yikes.  Picky panda.  These waffles were flavorful, a little sweet, with orange zest and grated apple in them.  Both things add a ton of flavor, without weighing it down.  I added homemade plain yogurt to the batter, to mimic buttermilk, and then kept the batter fairly thin.  Last week I bought 2 new waffle irons, one really expensive, one cheap, so that I could compare.  Last week, bother were meh....but, I hadn't mastered the best setting etc.  So, this time I tried the cheap iron on level 4, not 5.  Crisp, but not dry, flaky exterior (without even using butter!) and very fluffy and airy.  It was amazing.  Topped with syrup, nutmeg and whipped cream.  Yessiree!  We ate in bed, and oooooohed with every bite.

Then we went to the Eugene Raptor Center.  I was excited, and very impressed.  We were feet away from bald eagles, owls, vultures, hawks, and more.  And it felt good knowing so many of the birds had been rescued.  We ate our sandwiches in the truck on the way home, and I loved my wheat berry salad.  Chad, wouldn't touch it.  Silliness.

Naptime.  Well, I took the dogs out with Aijah.  Then I read my writing book.  After that, Chad and Jet headed to the Durfees, and Aijah and me headed to my parents to watch Downton Abbey.  Things were so quiet without Jet.  It was wonderful for us gals to fawn over Aijahlyn, eat desserts, visit after too long, and listen to some great British accents.  We'll pretend I didn't crash in the middle of the 2nd episode.  I was pooped.

To sum things up for today.
-Woke up early to try my new workout dvd.  I was not in the mood, but managed to get through every tough minute of it
-Aijah's 6 month check-up.  We went as a fam.  Very nice.  Only 2 shots.  Not bad.
-Ran errands.  While driving, we read an article about family culture, and what we want ours to be like.  I love discussing and brainstorming.
-Tried out the dog park near the house we're trying to buy.  Lovely.  We likey.
-Went to the vacant house, and decided what we would do to the yard, if it all works out.  Garden there, hot tub here (eventually), dog-run there, grass there, extend the patio, chickens in the back, but not by the window, harbors for grapes.  Yeah, we couldn't help ourselves.  Big whoop.  If we don't get the house, so be it.
-Tried a Jimmy Johns sandwich and some sweet tea.  Gobble gobble.
-Bathed doggies, and Jet, separately, and put fresh bedding on the bed
-Read books in bed with the whole fam
-Opened the windows on the warm, dry day, and started writing about it all.

Happy.  Peaceful.  So blessed.

Weekend.  Don't end.

Well, how about, we'll see you soon.  That's more realistic.  In the mean time, we'll still enjoy our time away from each other.  ; )


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Sarah Peterson said...

I love your optimistic views on life. They are inspiring!