Chad, Jessica, Jet and Aijiahlyn

Saturday, March 16, 2013

This week's faves

-Picnic lunch with Mumsie at Island Park.  Perfect weather, yummy food, happy us.  Nothing short of pure loveliness
-Teaching Jet how to find cans so he can get more $ in his piggy bank.  Now he's always on the look out.  lol.
-Watching Jet play in the sandbox over and over in the backyard.
-Late night dog walks with our family.  Running down hills, making Aijahlyn laugh harder than ever
-Jet carrying home a huge rock that he found.  He was determined to bring it home, and I told him he could, as long as he could carry it himself.  It's happily situated next to some primroses in the front yard.  Good memory.  Don't ask me why he wanted it.  I tried to explain that we only collect rocks that are unique, but he didn't care.
-Eating a ton of Sweet Life desserts, because Chad and I were both just plain sick of trying to be healthy, and wanted to be BAD.  Ah ha ha.  Well, we should have split desserts, and not gotten 3, at 11pm.  Ol well.  Oh, that 7-layer bar, oh the grasshopper cheesecake, oh the Cloud 9 chocolate cake.  Naughty naughty.  Still paying for it. 
-Ran an official 5k race and beat my best time by a minute!!!  21:15 baby!  6:50 mile pace.  I was hoping for a 7:00 minute pace.  Killed it.
-Found a way to get some cheap produce.  Happy me.
-Early morning run with Krista in the morning.  Once a week.  I always love it.
-Cooking tons of stir fry.  I love chopping all the vegetables with my kabuki knife.  Relaxing.  It was one of my favorite meals growing up.  I stopped making it because Chad hates it.  So, I just eat it myself.  Fine with me.  Found a peanut sauce recipe I'm addicted to.
-Finally doing that play-date with my neighbor.  Silly us for never scheduling it earlier.
-Learning more about planting seasons
-Falling asleep early, while cozy in bed reading a magazine.
-Finding a new path...but...need some more time to explore it.
-the amazing weather that lasted for days.  leaving the windows open in the afternoon, watching the curtains dance.

Not so favorite
-Daylight savings.  Threw me for a loop.  Stupidly, we went to bed way too late the night of.  It has taken me all week to catch up.  I haven't had my usual extra hour before everyone wakes up.  I've have that golden time since Aijahlyn was born, now, I'm so accustomed to it, that I felt like I was playing catch-up all week.  And, I am in need of a little "me time."  Finally, my schedule is back to normal, and I'm looking forward to some quiet mornings.
-Game On ended, and I totally pigged out.  And, with daylight savings, I just felt tired and groggy and bloated.  Ew.  I took some workout days off, mostly because I couldn't get out of bed early enough, and we r starting another round of game on this Wednesday.  Now, I feel like I'm back, and ready to go.  It was a nice week off though.
-Watched the documentary, Vegucated.  I'm going to have to make some changes about where I buy meat and dairy, or I'm gonna have to go Vegan.  I can't handle how the animals are treated.  Oi.  I knew all the bad stuff before, and Chad and I went vegetarian for awhile, but then I just tried to ignore it, and kept eating like normal.  Ignorance is bliss, but I'm not ignorant anymore, so I need to do something.  Definitely more motivated to raise chickens now, and eat a lot less meat.  Good thing I love grains, Chad?  not so much.  Gotta get a kitchenaid or bosch to start making bread.  Kneading for 10 minutes isn't my idea of fun.    

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