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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Miss Aijah

 6 months old!!!!  This darling girl is an angel....not even exaggerating.  She's mellow, sweet, coo-y, easy-going and snuggly.  Awwww just the sweetest.  She has the best leg rolls, as you can see.  She loves to suck on her toes.  She just learned how roll over.  I may keep her in her pajamas a little too often. mostly because they're warm, and with the footies, I don't have to worry about socks falling off after 2 minutes.  I couldn't have asked for a more precious girl.  Whenever I get her from her crib, she greets me with a big smile and I spout out whatever pet name comes to mind, baby-bugaboo, lovekins, aijah goo-goo doll, rollsy pollsy schnooky babes, my princess cakes.  The more ridiculous the better.  I scoop her up, cradle her in my right arm, and cuddle cuddle cuddle.  Mmmmmm, my baby.  I LOVE YOU forever!

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Karen K. said...

She is soooooooooo pretty!