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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weekend blurb

Started Saturday night with something awesome....what was it?  errrr....oh yeah!  We got to eat dinner at a friends' house, with people we haven't seen in a LONG time.  It was so delightful, visiting, and enjoying each other and eating.  I loved it.  I have been telling myself for a long time that I want to have more people over, and I really should.  SHOULD, SHOULD, SHOULD.  I need to change it to WILL.  Or DID!!!

Had a nice time at church, as usual.  Took the doggies out together.  Always relaxing...well, except when they get really dirty or Dakota rolls in something stinky...oig!

Made my great waffles for the 2nd time.  Hurrah, it wasn't a fluke!  I'm excited to experiment more with whole wheat etc...and then freeze them.  We got a thin waffle maker.  SO much better than the thick kahuna floppy belgian ones.  Well, at least we like it better.  You can eat 2 waffles, and it's still less than one thick one.  Plus the topping/waffle ratio is better, and they are just lighter.  After some experimenting, I bet I'll be able to make one delicious, nutrient-packed, low-cal waffle!  Can't wait!  Waffles won't even be an indulgence.  Oh, I love waffles!

Monday I tried a tabata class.  I was so scared about going, because it's supposed to be really intense, and I know the cycling classes are intense.  But, this was very manageable.  I felt a bit silly for being intimidated at all.  Really, I think I could get a better workout at home, but it was still fun.  I love being in the health/fitness atmosphere.  I wouldn't be surprised if I end up being an instructor some day. 

That night, my mum watched the kids so we could go out to dinner, and really, to get some discussion/brainstorming session going.  We just started Game on again, and so we hashed out what our biggest temptations/pitfalls are, and how we could plan ahead to overcome them.  Then we discussed family traditions we want in our home, and decided on what things are really important to our family, and us, and what we want to stop wasting time on.  We are going to start implementing a family nightly stretch....tehe.  Sounds very Eugene, but so far, it's been really nice, and hopefully Jet will learn that it's wind-down time, not wiggly, look-at-me, contortionist time.  We are aiming for a soothing 15 minutes before bed....stretching, prayer, no tv, soft music, cozy bed etc.  Sounds like a nice hug at the end of the day...hmmmMmmm. 

Because of Chad's schedule, we can't have dinner together, so we decided we should share our highs/lows every day before bed.  It's a nice way to get discussion going naturally, and will be great when the kids get older.

We also discussed family adventures, reading more together and some more stuff I need to review.  Where did I put that list?  The waitress probably thought we were weird for writing stuff down.  Ol' well.  One time I took a fake snake to Applebee's.  Now that was weird.  Even Chad thought so.  lol. 

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